A comfortable pillow is a primary source for a good night of sleep. A comfortable pillow allows users to have a more relaxed and peaceful sleep as they keep your spine aligned and maintain your body’s length. In Singapore’s weather, it is essential to select a pillow that provides good airflows to remain cool throughout the entire night. There are numerous pillows option out there, so it is too tough for users to select the right one for them.  However, you don’t need to worry; we have created a list of the best body pillows for you to have a good night’s sleep.

Our top 3 choices for the best body pillows are selected based on comfort, affordability, and the ability to provide you with full-body support from aches and pain. We are thrilled to feature these strong long-lasting body pillows which are extremely comfortable with amazing health benefits.

Dunlopillo AIRFLOW ERGO Organic Latex Pillow
Top 1✔️Anti Allergic
✔️Anti Dustmite and anti bacteria
✔️Neck, head, and shoulder Support
✔️High resiliency and soft feeling
✔️Helps relieve neck Pain
✔️From $58
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Amour 100% Natural Thai Latex Pillow
Top 2✔️Made with 100% natural latex
✔️Medium feel, lightweight
✔️Low allergenic
✔️Double layer washable covers
✔️From $29
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Seahorse Foam Contour Pillow
Top 3✔️Quality high density memory foam
✔️Soft, comfortable, beautiful and durable
✔️Anti mites mildew fungusmoisture-proof ✔️Hygroscopic absorption odor
✔️From $50
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Factors to consider while selecting a body pillow

If you think softness is the crucial factor in choosing a body pillow, you might be mistaken. There are numerous things that you need to keep in mind while selecting a body pillow. Some of the top things are as follows:

  • Material

Firstly, you need to consider your body pillow material. We will advise you to select the one that is made with natural and organic material. This might prevent an allergic reaction. 

There are four types of pillow materials, including natural shredded latex, organic wool, wool-latex, and organic kapok.

If we talk about natural shredded latex, it perfectly contours to the shape of your body. Organic wool provides a cosy feeling as it possesses soft-to-medium firmness. And wool-latex and organic kapok are made from soft and fluffy fibre.

  • Shape

In Singapore, a flat and straight shape body pillow is the most common type and provides firm support to the entire body.

If you want support for the head and neck, C-Shaped and J-Shaped pillows are considered the best option for you.

However, if you are a pregnant woman, U-Shaped pillows are ideal as they provide both back and front support while lying down.

  • Size

The pillow comes in different sizes. It is essential to consider your pillows’ placement while sleeping to know which size perfectly suits you. 

 Make sure that your pillow extends from your head to your knees for full body and posture support.

  • Purpose

Different pillows have a different purpose. Some pillows help to improve your body posture, while some provide support and comfort to your body while sleeping. 

Hence, it is essential to know your requirements before buying a body pillow. 

Types of Body Pillows

Before selecting from the numerous options of body pillows available, you need to know the different types of body pillows.

1. I-Shaped Pillow

I-Shaped pillows are long and huggable. They are used for knee support and also enable your muscles to relax. Often, they are small making them very comfortable in case you have a small bed. This type of pillow also supports your head. Depending on your preference, you can get yourself either a thick or thin I-shaped pillow.

2. U-Shaped Pillow

With this pillow, you can easily wrap around your body to ensure that your head rests at the top of the curve. The benefit of this particular pillow is that you can sleep on your back and both your left and right side. Besides, it prevents moving around the bed and is also convenient for reading or binge-watching while sitting. It’s however huge thus more expensive and will require a big bed.

3. C-Shaped Pillows

C-shaped pillows are used to provide support for your neck or knees. They are actually in between the I-shaped and U-shaped pillows. It’s able to relieve back pain since it can superbly fit between your knees and great for expectant mothers. It’s perfect for any bed size or type.

4. J-Shaped Pillows

J-shaped pillows will enable you to wrap your arms on one side and rest your head on the other. This will help keep your body appropriately aligned. You can also place the pillow behind your back to reduce snoring and keep your side sleeping position. Side sleepers will enjoy this pillow since it offers head-to-toe support.

After learning the factors to consider while selecting a pillow and the types of pillows, you probably are curious to find out which pillows are best for you. Here we have our list of the best body pillows in Singapore:

1. Organic Natural Latex [Pillow] AIRFLOW ERGO – Best Resiliency


  • Anti-bacteria and mold-proof.
  • Special 2-zone design.
  • Provide High resiliency and a soft feeling.

We believe AIRFLOW ERGO is one of Singapore’s best pillows, with unique features and affordable prices. It is created from natural organic latex that provides you with a comfortable sleep and prevents an allergic reaction. With a length of 60 inches,  it stretches from your head down to your legs, providing full-body support. It has a unique pin core technology-cool and breathable. 

Moreover, if we talk about cleaning, it is washing-machine friendly. You don’t need to break your hands trying to hand-wash it to remove stains. 

Product rating: The AIRFLOW ERGO pillows have an excellent rating of 4.9 out of 5.

2. Amour 100% Natural Thai Latex Pillow – Best Breathability and Alignment


  • 100% natural Thai latex
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-dust-mite, resistant to mold and mildew
  • Available in four different designs and shapes

The Amour pillows are one of the best pillows made from 100% natural latex from Thailand. Latex is the ideal material for pillows as it has superior rebounding that allows you perfect alignment while you sleep. It also gently support your head and neck for unbelievable comfort. 

With excellent breathability, the amour pillows allow heat and moisture to escape, which provides you with a comfortable sleep. It also has hypoallergenic and inherently antimicrobial properties suitable for sensitive skin, asthma, and allergic sufferers.

Product ratings: The Amour 100% Natural Thai Latex Pillow has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

3. Seahorse Foam Contour Pillow – Premium Neck Support


  • Adapt to sleeping posture
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Cervical-shaped for Neck Support

If you are looking for a body pillow that can provide you generous upper neck body support, no wonder Seahorse Foam Contour pillow is the perfect pick for you. It comes with a cervical shaped that better supports your neck for premium support. It provides excellent comfort and improves your sleep as it allows you to readjust according to your position. 

Additionally, it comes with a  firm yet soft comfort foam that conforms perfectly to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulder to align your spine and reduce the risks of neck and shoulder pain. 

Product rating: The Seahorse Foam Contour Pillow has an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

4. LINU Korea honeynight U shape body pillow


  •  Perfect finishing 
  • Vivid range of colors 
  • Ideal fabric for comfortable sleeping

If you are a first-time buyer of the body pillow, it is ideal for grabbing this amazing body pillow from LINU. The key reason to grab this pillow is its comfort. Likewise, the quality has made it an ideal choice for the users. A comfortable body pillow is a perfect way for side sleepers to keep up with spinal alignment, along with helping point relief.

This is a narrow and long pillow for those with a side sleeping position. LINU manages to provide the right length that can fit your body perfectly. This is a rare trait of most body pillows. The price ranges from $56.70-$66.70 and is known for its best high-quality fabric.

5. Toolroom silk body pillow 


  • Silk material offers multiple benefits.
  •  Provided in multiple colours & sizes
  • Combination of simple and fashionable

Good sleep is a must for those working endlessly and feeling fresh for the entire day. Toolroom understands how important your sleep is, so they have come up with the incredible design of unifying comfort with optimal support. People in the majority are side-sleepers, and they often suffer from hip and shoulder pain due to improper support.

Experts highly recommend silk pillows for good hair and skin, so the Toolroom body pillow is a thoughtful product for you. So, this silk pillow is soft along with adequate firmness. The price ranges between $11.88-$15.04 and known for its best silk material.

6. Neck Kool Cooling Gel Memory Foam U Pillow


  • Ergonomic design for neck support
  • Cools the skin temperature by 1-2 degrees
  • Comfortable for traveling

Good sleep has a pivotal role in good health and happiness. This body pillow is a perfect pick while travelling. Another key reason to get this one is its ergonomic design that provides good cervical support and optimal comfort. Sleeping schedule and habits can be easily corrected, even while travelling. Besides, this pillow comes with a free bamboo charcoal eye mask and plush velvet cover features.

Moreover, it comes with a comfortable cooling gel that provides a cooling sensation to the skin temperature by 1-2 degrees. The cooling gel was made with natural plant extracts, hence giving you the needed comfort and ease. The price for this product varies from $44.97-$69.99 and best for travelling.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this amazing product and enjoy your sleeping.

7. Phiten star series body pillow


  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Adequate length of 120cm*width about 53cm *thickness about 12 to 20cm to meet requirements 
  • Aqua gold technology helpful for the body

Phiten presents its customers a great opportunity to experience comfort with luxury. This star series shiatsu body pillow is ideal to sleep on as it has a natural spinal curve. Inner fillings from bending will not be an issue with the three-dimensional inner structure that is in reverse. If you are a side sleeper and hassle hard for a comfortable sleep, Phiten’s best body pillow can certainly come in handy for you. 

The price of this product is high, but it’s worth the value. You will certainly love this body pillow. Comfortable & Simple, but yet Elegant! Go for it.

8. Snowdown Microfiber body pillow 


  • Premium microfiber 
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Perfect size

The Snowdown microfiber body pillow is the one for you if you are looking for a firm pillow with premium quality. We highly recommend you to get this pillow, as it’s anti-dust mite, anti fungi, and anti-bacterial.

It is provided in the size of 45cm * 152cm with a filling weight of 2600gms. When talking about body pillows, it has to be comfortable to the utmost, so jacquard cotton will be ideal to choose for.

9. Slow forest 100% cotton body pillow


  • Great for travellers
  • Rectangle shape for proper support
  • Synthetic fibre for static positioning.

This body pillow has minimal hassle, which you can use according to your convenience. This is a good solution for travellers to get rid of uncomfortable sleeping, twisted neck, and back.

 It is easy to wash material as it is provided in cotton. Its prominent highlights are its anti-static, anti-apnea, and anti-snore features, so not only your sleeping can be improved but also of partner lying next to you. A cotton body pillow will assist in maintaining a perfect balance with spinal support and comfortable sleeping. The price of this pillow is 42.88 USD.

10. Tempur long hug pillow


  • Unique filling for extreme comfort
  • Multiple uses
  • Easy to remove and wash the cover

The versatility is truly justified by Tempur’s long hug pillow, where not only appropriate length is provided but also unique material. To make your feel comfortable, unique Tempur material is the idealist to choose for yourself. 

Howsoever, prices are high, but they are worthy if you are looking for comfort with quality. Additionally, Tempur soft cover is washable at high temperatures. 

Wrapping up

We have seen multiple body pillows that are top-rated and can be shipped easily to Singapore. In addition, all of these pillows are great for different key features; however, they are also wholesome supporting great sleep and enough support to body posture while sleeping. It is essential to make a budget and specify your requirements to make it easier to choose and pamper yourself rightly.

With your new pillow ready, you will need supporting items. You can maximise your quality of sleep with a mattress topper and a comfortable mattress or latex mattresses. Also, air quality is usually associated with sleep quality. To get good air quality, you can read more on our list of air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

While a good night sleep is important, you need to make sure to get some self-care! Treat yourself to our list of home massage services,  massage chairsfoot massager brandsmanicure salonsfoot reflexology, and spa services for you to recharge with. Likewise, you can read more on our list of lash lift and lash perm salonshair spa salons and waxing salon for some beauty sessions.

Lastly, we also have a list of other comfortable pillows that will greatly help align your spinal and give great comfort in different pricing. You can choose your product accordingly, so make sure to choose the right one.