If you love smoothies and fruit shakes, you might probably want to have your blender. In fact, blenders are a nifty tool everyone must-have in the kitchen. Aside from making smoothies, it can also mix batters and allows you to make nut butter. Whichever type blender of blender you want, all serves its purpose to aid your culinary endeavours and healthy eating. From liquifying solid foods to making smoothest shakes, here are the 11 best stand & personal blenders in Singapore that you should check out right now!

11 Blenders In Singapore That Every Kitchen Must Have:

Ready your ingredients; here are the best blenders you can find in Singapore:

1. Aura Portable BlenderBest Mini Blender in Singapore

Image credit: Aura Blender

The wireless Aura Portable Blender tops our list as the best blender in Singapore, which we highly recommend for its compact travel size and fuss-free usage. This little smoothie blender is the fastest personal blender in the market, packing power in a sleek small blender design. Its convenient size makes it easy to slip into a bag and blend smoothies, cocktails, baby food, and protein shakes on the go. It’s also extremely easy to clean, requiring only a drop of dish soap and water to blend and clean itself, and doesn’t require dismantling unlike full-size blenders. There’s many reasons for us to rate this the best portable blender in Singapore!

Key features:

  • Fastest portable juicer blender around
  • Great as a travel blender
  • Wireless and USB-rechargeable
  • Measurement markings on jar
  • Convertible into drinking bottle
  • Easy self-cleaning feature
  • Safety lock
  • 480 mL capacity
  • Has an optional matching Aura Insulated Sleeve

Where to buy: Visit the Aura Blender Singapore official site to purchase. For other countries, you can purchase it at their international site. Free delivery & returns.

2. Sencor Super Blender SBU7790NP—Best Heavy-Duty Blender in Singapore

Image credit: theweddingvowsg

One of the best blenders in Singapore, Sencor Super Blender has a pulse function allowing you to instantly blend and crush cubes of ice for a refreshing smoothie. It is capable of extracting nutrition and vitamins from nuts, seeds, and grains for an ultimate fruity and veggie smoothie. Sencor Blender allows ease of use and safe as it cannot operate until assembles correctly.

Key features:

  • Presser blending programs
  • High-quality stainless blades
  • LVD titanium coating
  • 2 Liters jug
  • 1800 watts motor

Where to buy: See Sencor official site to purchase.

3. Cornell Blender—Best Cheapest Stand Blender in Singapore

Image credit: Harvey Norman’s

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider Cornell Blender. You do not have to compromise your healthy eating habit since this blender is affordable. It is so easy to use, fast, and provides ultimate blending experience. It has a detachable base letting you wash it every after use.

Key features:

  • Speed options with pulse modes
  • Food safe stainless steel blades
  • Perfect for making smoothies and shakes
  • 350 watts motor
  • 1.5 Liter capacity

Where to buy: You can buy it in Harvey Norman Singapore and Cornell Appliances.

4. Vitamix Vita-Prep 3 Blender—Best Professional Blender

Vita-Prep-3 Vitamix
Image credit: Blender Singapore

Vitamix Vita-Prep Blender might be the best blender you can buy in Singapore. Most chefs are using this blender because of its versatility, performance, and power. It is a bit pricey compared to other blenders in this list but will surely make the best out of your money. Vitamix Vita-Prep blender is known as the monster when it comes to blending delicate ingredients and tough purees.

Key features:

  • Advanced cooling fan for an excellent performance
  • High-impact container
  • Comes with an accelerator tool allowing you to control speed and processes easily
  • 2-Liter capacity
  • 3-HP motor

Where to buy: You can purchase it here miifoodservice.com.

5. Sharp Blender With Coffee Grinder—Best Grinding Blender

Image credit: Sharp Singapore

The Sharp blender comes with 3-in-1 functions for blending, making juices, shakes, and smoothies. You can choose from its 2-speed options for hard and soft ingredients. Besides, it has pulse control mode and can even grind coffee beans. It has detachable parts enabling you to clean it after use.

Key features:

  • Safety lock
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Excellent grinder function
  • 1-Liter capacity
  • 0.6-Liter bottle jug capacity
  • 0.5-liter coffee grinder capacity

Where to buy: See more details and buy it in Sharp Singapore.

6. Blendtec Home Blender—Best Smart Blender

Image credit: Littlegreedotcom

Blendtec Home blender has smart features and is computer controlled, which you can find in Singapore. It allows you to choose from 10-speed options with pre-programmed buttons and one-touch blending. Using Blendtec blender, you can make granita’s, smoothies, ice cream shakes, soups, and chunky salsas. Besides, it can grind hard seeds or hard ingredients into flour. Blendtec Home blender is popular as it is being compared to the Vitamix blender.

Key features: 

  • Affordable than Vitamix blender
  • 38 Cm tall
  • smart blender; it can turn off automatically after use.
  • Compact built
  • 1560 watts power
  • 18.7 ounces jar weight

Where to buy: You can buy it at Shopee

7. KitchenAid Diamond Blender—Best Blender For Large Batches

4 Speed Diamond Blender
Source: Kitchenaid

KitchenAid Diamond Blender is a stand blender, which has a soft start feature. It starts blending at a slower speed to pull the food into the blades. Then it will quickly accelerate the speed based on your selected setting. The feature helps to minimize splatter and enables a more even blend.

Key features:

  • 1.75-Liters capacity
  • 615 watts motor
  • Five-speed options
  • Pulse modes

Where to buy: KitchenAid

8. Kenqo Nutribullet Pro 900 Series—Best Juice-Making Blender

Source: Kenqo

Kenqo Nutribullet is a stand blender, which has a superfood nutrition extractor. It can obliterate any fibers or lumps and can pulverize any solid and frozen fruits. You can expect super smooth juices. The Kenqo Nutribullets comes with a 12-piece accessory set, a pocket nutritionist, and a recipe book. It has a compact vertical design, which is very easy to store and space-saving.

Key features:

  • 945 Ml capacity
  • 900 watts motor
  • Superfood nutrition extractor
  • Recipe guides

Where to buy: You can buy it in Lazada Singapore and Kenqo.

9. Tefal Blender—Best Fruit Sensation Blender

BL4271 Blendforce 2 Blender + Grinder
Source: Tefal

Tefal Blender is perfect for making cocktails, and iced fruity smoothies or shakes. It comes with a chopper and a grinder, which could blend, chop, and dice ingredients for you. Tefal Blender is vertically fit suitable for small kitchens. You can choose from its two-speed controls where you can set it based on your desired consistency.

Key features:

  • 1.75 to 2 Liters capacity
  • 600-to 1200 watts motor
  • Speed control options
  • Blend, chop and grind

Where to buy: Shopee

10. Nutri Ninja Blender—Best Nutrient And Vitamin Extractor Blender

Nutri Ninja Blender makes vitamin and nutrient extraction to the next level. It has FreshVac Technology, which pumps oxygen to be removed inside before blending. It preserves vitamins, nutrients, and natural flavors. If you want nutritious drinks that can stay fresh overnight, using Nutri Ninja Blender can prepare you with that. In addition, this blender is one of the leading Auto IQ Technology blenders in Singapore. It has smart programs, which combine time pulsing, blending, and pausing patterns that can do the work for you.

Key features:

  • Patented extractor blades
  • 1000 watts motor power
  • IQ technology with smart programs
  • Produces smoother, a richer, and tastier shake, smoothies, or juices

Where to buy:  Shopee

11. Happycall Axlerim Z Digital Blender—Best High-Speed Blender

Image credit: Heap Seng

One of the best selling blenders in Korea, Happycall Axlerim Z is also one of the powerful blenders in Singapore. It has 3600 watts, super horsepower at an affordable price. This blender offers a 6-year warranty, which can surely maximize your investment.

Key features:

  • 2-Liter Jug
  • Free recipe book
  • Temperature sensors
  • Excellent performance and versatile
  • Self-cleaning feature

Where to buy: Shopee

The Smoother, The Better

Having a blender in your kitchen is considered essential nowadays. Most especially if you are health conscious or just love drinking tastier but nutritious juices. That’s when blenders in Singapore are very useful and valuable.

If you used to have the classic blender, its practical, but you might want to upgrade into something modern and multi-functional. This list of best blenders in Singapore aims to help you find the most reliable and worthwhile.

Do you own any of these blenders in Singapore? Tell us your experience using your blender and kindly share some recipes, too!