The K-Beauty is taking everyone by storm, promising healthy, young-looking glass skin. It’s no wonder that it has also become a staple beauty product in every Singaporean’s facial care routine. Furthermore, Korean eye creams help rid your dark circles, fine lines, and all other issues around your eyes that sometimes make you want to howl and cry.

Imagine waking up one morning and suddenly saw your sagging eye bags, wrinkles everywhere, and dark circles are eating your eyes away. What do you do? Of course, look for an effective eye cream to erase all your worries away. However, it’s challenging to find the best Korean eye creams in Singapore in just a snap. Luckily, I am here to help you find the best brand for you.

1. Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Eye Cream

Image Credit: Innisfree

Innisfree Perfect 9 Repair Eye Cream is a balm-like eye cream formulated with Lingzhi mushroom from Jeju Island, which certainly hydrates for smoother, softer, and nourished younger-looking skin.

This eye cream also features nine active ingredients of the Jeju anti-aging elixir complex, best for fighting various aging signs. Furthermore, it adds vitality to your skin. It is also best for repairing dryness, flakiness, wrinkles, blemishes, darkening, enlarged pores, and reduces skin elasticity. You can also use this cream for your morning and night skincare routine.

HighlightsBest for Anti-ageing
Reduces skin elasticity
Repairs blemishes and enlarged pores
Brightens up skin
Skin TypeNormal / Combination
Size35 ml

2. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream

Image Credit: Innisfree

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye Cream is also a Korean eye cream that is moisturizing anti-oxidant with organic Jeju green tea squeeze and green tea seed extract. This eye cream certainly provides moisture and nourishment to the delicate skin around your eyes.

The Green Tea Seed Eye Cream also delivers more moisture and freshness using 100% squeezed green tea. Moreover, this cream is also rich in amino acids and minerals that deeply hydrate to create a long-lasting and stronger moisture barrier.

It also features a Dual Moisture-Rising Technology that nourishes, refreshes, and helps prevent free radical damage, This cream also softens, smoothens dry areas, and brightens under eyes.

HighlightsBest for Dry Skin
Hydrates and moisturises the skin
Skin TypeNormal to dry / Combination skin type
Size30 ml

3. G9SKIN White In Milk Capsule Eye Cream

Image Credit: BeautyMnl

The G9SKIN White in Milk Capsule Eye Cream is also an eye cream with 50% milk protein extracts and ceramide components that keep the skin healthy by locking its natural moisture. It also improves the appearance of dark under-eyes and helps maintain its maximum softness.

Furthermore, this cream also reduces dark circles and features highly-enriched capsules that contain milk protein extract for radiant skin. It also has vitamins and moisturising ingredients that help soothe and hydrate your skin.

This eye cream is also Paraben and Phenoxyethanol-free. You can also apply this cream morning and night after using your toner.

HighlightsLightening dark circles
Moisturising the skin
Contains milk-protein extract Paraben and Phenoxyethanol-Free
Skin TypeMature
Volume30 g

4. Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream

Image Credit: BeautyMnl

The Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream is a lightweight and hydrating cream also tailored for those with oily and combination skin. Furthermore, it is made from Kona Hawaii’s 914m deep ocean water. This cream also helps keep your combination skin refreshed, soothed, and moisturized.

This eye cream also prevents moisture loss from the skin using a moisture film that provides a long-lasting moisture pack effect. Furthermore, it is made from water-soluble collagen and lecithin to make skin healthy. This watery cream also provides nourishment and moisture to dry skin all at once.

You may apply a dime-sized amount to your face and neck in gentle, and upward strokes to use this cream. For best results, you can also apply this cream in the morning and at night.

HighlightsBest for Oily Skin
24-hour skin-moisturising effect
It contains marine plant extracts.
Skin TypeFor oily and combination skin
Size80 ml

5. Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX

Image Credit: Sulwhasoo

The Sulwhasoo Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream EX is an anti-aging eye cream that certainly delivers a youthful appearance to your eyes. Sulwhasoo discovered Red Pine’s anti-aging component also called De-aging Active (DAA). The Red Pine leaves are also believed to address comprehensive aging concerns around the delicate eye area.

Meanwhile, the Red Ginseng and White Ginseng saponins of this cream help reduce signs of wrinkles and fine lines. They also brighten the under-eye skin, gently veiling your skin with extra moisture, a smoother, firmer look.

HighlightsBest for Fine Lines
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Contains anti-aging components
Skin TypeMature
Size25 ml

6. Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream

Image credit: Amazon

The Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream is also one of the best Korean eye creams designed to regenerate weak and sensitive eyes. It also contains highly concentrated collagen to lift wrinkles around the eyes while improving skin elasticity. This eye cream will also keep your skin moisturized and smooth.

Furthermore, it contains hypoallergenic ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin. It is also free from paraben, ethanol, benzophenone, scent, and colour, making it safe for everyone to use.

HighlightsBest for Sensitive Skin
Improves skin radiance
It contains hypoallergenic and Fragrance-free ingredients.
Skin TypeSensitive Skin
Size25 ml

7. Laneige Homme Dual Action Eye Stick

Image Credit: Laneige

The Laneige Homme Dual Action Eye Stick is also a Korean eye cream in a 2-in-1 eye stick formula. This cream is also designed to alleviate the appearance of fine lines around the eyes.

Aside from reducing fine lines, it also soothes skin around the eyes with cooling effects and quick relief, effectively concealing dark circles. This eye cream also features an anti-wrinkle and brightening cosmetic formula, making it an excellent make-up companion. This cream is also best for normal skin types.

HighlightsFine lines around the eyes
Fights Dark circles
Skin TypeNormal
Size20 ml

8. AHC ​Real Eye Cream for Face

Image credit: Goryeobeauty

The AHC Real Eye Cream for Face is also a Korean eye cream that contains human-like collagen and human-like elastin that simultaneously cares for the density and elasticity of your skin. This eye cream also features an ultra-micro formulating method to make it a deep nourishing eye cream.

AHC Real Eye Cream also uses a technique that breaks down the formula into 1/400 of the pore for better and faster absorption. Sixty clinical tests have also proved its anti-aging effect. This cream can also be used to reduce wrinkles on your laugh lines, neck, and foreheads. Besides, it also has a whitening effect.

HighlightsIt helps improve the signs of aging around the eyes.
It also provides fast absorption.
Has collagen and anti-oxidants.
Skin TypeAll skin types
Size30 ml

9. Mizon ​Cosmetics Snail Repair Eye Cream

The Mizon Cosmetics Snail Repair Eye Cream is also a soothing eye cream infused with good-for-your-skin ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate for locking in moisture. On the other hand, Niacinamide is for anti-inflammation and lightening hyperpigmentation.

Furthermore, 80% of this cream’s star ingredient, Snail Mucin Filtrate, is best for skin regeneration around the eye area. This cream also features EGF (Endothelial Growth Factor), one of the cell components which starts decreasing from age 25. With this snail repair eye cream, your wrinkles will indeed never come into existence.

HighlightsReduces dark circles
Brightens skin
Skin TypeAll skin type
Size25 ml

10. Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream

Image Credit: Missha

The Missha Geum Sul Vitalizing Eye Cream is an eye cream certainly best for people who have reached the end of their 20’s. It also contains a rich formula of premium oriental medicine, which treats sagging skin, worsens wrinkles, and brightens dull skin tone.

This Korean eye cream also revitalises and improves your skin’s firmness using its fermented ginseng water component. Furthermore, it lightens dark circles around your eyes. This cream can also be applied to the wrinkles around your lips.

HighlightsIt contains premium oriental medicine.
Revitalises the skin
Lightens dark circles
Skin TypeBest for Mature Skin
Size30 ml

As most people claim, the eyes are windows to our soul, so it is imperative that we also take care of our eyes—especially the skin around them. We certainly all want to look young and wrinkle-free, don’t we?

So, which of the best Korean eye creams listed above caught your interest? Please let me know and comment down below, and let’s talk about your skincare products. If you also love Korean products as I do, you may check out the Best Innisfree Products to keep you fresh-looking all day. However, if you aren’t too fond of Korean beauty products, you can check out these Best Eye Creams to Buy in Singapore.