With so many available brands of air purifiers in Singapore, it can be as overwhelming as choosing a right mattress for your home or office.

A breathe of fresh air is a great thing to take, and an even better thing to be.”

Do you know that an adult breathes in around 11,000 liters of air in a day? With the rise of air pollution, people are exposed to higher risk of lung, heart and respiratory diseases.

Why is air quality so important? The air we breathe in everyday can carry many tiny particles such as dust which might affect your health, especially those with allergies.

At times like this, an air purifier can be a lifesaver. It helps to remove air contaminants in order to improve indoor air quality especially in homes and offices. With these air purifiers, you can even enjoy a seamless air quality while watching movies from your android TV box.

Not sure which air purifiers to get? Not to worry, you are definitely not alone. Here is a compilation of what makes the cut of your ideal purifier, followed by our Best 16 Air Purifiers sold in Singapore:

Factors to consider when getting an air purifier

What should you look out for in each purifier to determine which is compatible with you? There -are many considerations – Features of Air Purifier, Room Size, Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR), Maintenance Required, Noise Level and your Specific Needs.

1. Features of Air Purifier

We know that no air purifying device is perfect but there are many manufacturers building air cleaners that employs many complementing features.

It is important to know what features you are looking for. For instance, do you know that HEPA filter is good for trapping all the fine particles but weak against bad odors?

This is where carbon filter will be of use since it specializes in removal of fumes, odors and gases.

2. Room Size

Air cleaners come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and capabilities. Every air purifier can only cover a limited area specified by manufacturers.

Make sure the one you are buying can cover your room space, it would not make sense for a device meant for 30m2 to work for your entire house.

3. Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

CADR indicates how effective a portable air filter is in reduction of smoke, dust and other fine particles. The higher the CADR, the faster the air purifier works.

However, there are air purifiers who do not come with the CADR certification. Thus, you can use it an useful factor to compare all the different devices.

4. Maintenance Required

How often will the air purifier needs to be cleaned? Some air cleaners come with a washable filter so as to increase the durability and performance of the filter in the device.

You might want to consider a maintenance-free device if you are feeling lazy to clean it.

5. Noise Level

Air purifiers can be really loud, especially in a confined space like your bedroom. The faster the fan speed is, the louder the sound it generates.

The best way is to visit the stores and to see if you are comfortable with the sound it produces.

Do a test run of sound at a higher speed, not the lowest, because air purifiers will be more effective with higher run.

6. Specific Needs

This comes down to personal preferences. Air cleaners come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and capabilities. You may like a product with certain shape and size.

There may be special requirements that you will take into consideration such as allergies or asthma.

1. Cosmo Air Purifier – Long Lasting, Silent & Powerful

Best Air Purifiers Singapore
  • True HEPA – filters 99.97% of all particles
  • Real-time PM2.5 counter
  • Silent – as low as 20 dB
  • German-design with a 5-year warranty

The Cosmo Prime® Air Purifier is the best overall purifier for most users. It has many unique features that make it extremely value-for-money.

Moreover, Cosmo Prime® uses a True HEPA filter which stops 99.97% of all particles such as haze, dust, germs and even absorbs bad odor with its activated carbon layer.

This air purifier in Singapore releases healthy anions in Anion Mode. Anions are in abundance in forests, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, and oceans. These anions are known to boost mood, clean the air, relieve allergies, enhance overall immunity, and promote deeper sleep

Unlike any other air purifier in the market, the Cosmo features a 360 Design. While most air purifiers absorb air from one side, Cosmo Prime ™ filters absorb particles from all sides, and efficiently keeps pathogens away from the air that you breathe. 

For such a powerful air purifier, it comes in a relatively compact size. Measuring 49.7cm x 27cm x 30.3cm, the Cosmo is compact but twice as powerful. This is because Cosmo’s compact motor takes up half the space and creates twice the volume of clean air, compared to most purifiers in the market. 

Cosmo is such a smart air purifier that it is even controllable through an app via Wifi, so you can change its settings anytime, and from anywhere. Complete control even when you are out of the home.

It also has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 400m³ and an applicable space of 50m² – making it perfect for most rooms. In fact, it’s powerful enough to be used in hospital operating rooms, which have some of the strictest hygiene standards in the world. If your goal is for you and your family to breathe clean air, then this is your best bet.

2. Mi Air Purifier 3 – Value For Money

Air Purifiers in Singapore
Photo credit: Xiaomi India on YouTube
  • Tall and slim design 
  • Cleans 6660 liters of air per minute 
  • High precision laser particle sensor 
  • Cleans quietly at 32.1dB(A) to 64dB, depending on the setting
  • Only a maximum power of 38W is used when switched on for 24 hours

The Mi Air Purifier 3 is a one-up from the previous 2.5 model. Tall, slim and minimalist in design, this air purifier adapts to most interior decors. Compared to it predecessor, the Mi Air Purifier 3 boasts greater efficiency and covers a larger surface area of up to 48 square metres. This makes it ideal for bedrooms and apartments. 

The most significant improvement of this model is that it finally comes with a true HEPA Class 13 filter instead of the EPA filter that was included with previous models. This HEPA filter clears out 99.7% of smoke, dust, spores, and fine particles. 

Along with the HEPA filter, the Mi Air Purifier 3 also gains a new rear-tilting centrifugal fan and brushless motor. This means that this model is now capable of providing a clean air delivery rate of about 380 cubic meters per hour. This is a significant upgrade from the 310 cubic meters per hour rating of the previous model.

The new OLED touch display replaces the previous model’s physical buttons, and shows you the air quality and operation setting. You can set a favourite setting for easy tuning. You can even connect it to the smart app. 

3. Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic TP06Latest technology and real-time air quality report

Air Purifiers in Singapore
Photo credit: Dyson
  • Cutting edge Cryptomic technology that doesn’t require replacement 
  • Sleek minimalist design 
  • Air multiplier technology 
  • Backwards airflow mode 
  • Link to Dyson app and monitor air quality  

The only reason we have listed this product in third place is because of its price. It is significantly higher than the Mi Air Purifier 3, but, we have to admit that the cutting-edge research and technology that has gone into making this air purifier-fan places this product in a class of its own. In Singapore, where it is summer all year round, this air purifier-fan emits a powerful stream of purified airflow that cools your family down instantly. 

Reviewers rave about the incomparable intelligence of this product, which automatically detects airborne particles and gases, then diagnoses and reports them in real-time. For instance, if the product detects that someone is cooking, or the presence of cigarette smoke, the filter as well as the Dyson app instantly displays elevated levels of the offensive air quality and instantly increases airflow. Such is the intelligence of the product that it is able to adapt to your lifestyle if placed on Auto mode. 

More importantly, this results in the marked reduction of allergies amongst family members, removal of cooking odours and a significant decrease in bad indoor air quality.  

The Dyson Cryptomic™ technology also destroys formaldehyde.¹ It works continuously and doesn’t need replacing. It’s HEPA and activated carbon filtration captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. 

Another unique Dyson technology is its Backwards airflow mode, where the unique Dyson air valve projects air through the back of the machine. This is useful if you prefer to purify indoor air without cooling you. 

Monitor your air quality remotely in real-time by linking it with the Dyson Link app. Reviewers report seamless delivery of real-time information such as checking on the air quality while you are in the office, or start cooling your home while still outdoors but on the way home so you return in absolute comfort. 

4. Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier FP-J30E

Reap the benefits of high-density plasma-cluster ion technology

Air Purifiers in Singapore
Photo credit: Sharp
  • Great at removing dust particles from the air
  • Small and lightweight
  • Simple to operate
  • 1-year warranty

Does it look hazy outside? Not to worry if you have the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier. It has the Haze mode that is specially designed to combat the pollution brought by hazy conditions. Thus, it will be a lifesaver for months with bad air quality.

Beyond that, it also does well for daily use. Its Plasmacluster ions can help to remove dust, mould, viruses, static electricity, and bad odours. Also, it comes with a sleep mode that will make it seem like it is not even there because you won’t be able to hear it while it works quietly. 

Sharp’s FP-F30E-A is a solid performer. Whether you want an air purifier for day to day use or for days with bad air quality, it will be a great choice and definitely one of the best air purifiers in Singapore.

5. Philips Series 3000i Air Cleaner AC3259/30  – Smart & Reliable

Air Purifiers in Singapore
Photo credit: Shopee
  • Modern and sleek design 
  • Automatically monitors, reacts and purifies indoor air 
  • Gets rid of allergens like dust mites, viruses and bacteria
  • Connects to Air Matters app 

This is a powerful, professional-grade air purifier for those who wish to cover more area, of up to 95 square metres. It automatically monitors, reacts, and purifies the air in your home, getting rid of allergens such as dust mites, viruses, or bacteria. 

The user-friendliness of this air purifier is one of the reasons for its popularity. Users love that they can check their indoor and outdoor air quality with the connected Air Matters app.  Based on the indoor and outdoor air quality and pollen levels, the app gives you the advice to help you manage your exposure to the allergen or bad air.

This air purifier carries three automatic modes – General, Bacteria, and Allergen mode. This is in addition to five other manual modes that range from extra-quiet ‘sleep’ to extra powerful. The special Allergen Auto Mode is effective in removing common airborne allergens.

The instant the purifier detects the slightest change in air quality, its cleaning performance to remove airborne allergens is boosted. All you have to do is to pick the one that is ideal for your preferred purification. 

6. Novita 4-in-1 Air Purifier A4SThe versatile all-in-one solution

Air Purifiers in Singapore
Photo credit: Shopee
  • Beautiful design 
  • Built-to-last
  • 4-in-1 function
  • DC Brushless Motor System
  • Far Infrared PM2.5 particle sensor 
  • 3 programmed modes, 5 speed settings 

Novita is a renewed and trusted home-grown brand for air purifiers in Singapore, and for good reason. The Novita 4-in-1 A4S Air Purifier caught our eye for being an all-in-one solution. It has a 4-stage filtration system that keeps airborne allergens and germs at bay while improving the humidity level, sanitizing the air, and freshening your indoor air quality all at once. For those of you who want one cutting-edge gadget that does it all, this is the product for you. 

Furthermore, it’s unique selling point is evaluated with comprehensive four-stage filtration system that includes Purify, Humidify, Ionize and Sanitize. 

Purify: It uses the PuriPro filtration system, a washable mesh filter, cool catalyst, granular activated carbon, 99.97% true HEPA filter to effectively trap and keep airborne allergens, germs, and odour at bay

Humidify: You don’t have to invest in an additional humidifier for your home because the Novita 4-in-1 A4S includes this step. It restores the moisture in your air and prevents dry mouths and dehydrated skin. 

Ionize: Enjoy the calming effects of millions of negative ions. Negative ions bind with positively-charged particles like dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and allergens. Thus it freshens your indoor air, relieves stress, boosts energy levels and increases your alertness. 

Sanitize: Added to these great features is the Novita Air Purifying Solution Concentrate which proactively sanitizes your air by oxidizing 99.99% of bacteria through the humidification function, hence protecting you and your family. 

7. Philips AC2887/30 Air Purifier

Best Air Purifiers Singapore
  • Cleans air super efficiently
  • NanoProtect filters for extra purification
  • 2-year warranty

Everyone wants the best for their family. With the Philips Air Purifier, your family will be able to breathe the freshest and cleanest air ever!

It’s equipped with AeraSense technology that detects even the smallest bad irritants and particles. Moreover, it is powered by the VitaShield IPS that is natural and does not contain any of the bad stuff – like ozone and plasma.

This model comes in 3 different modes (General, Allergen, Bacteria & Virus) that you can choose depending on what you need. If someone is sick at home, the bacteria and virus mode would be perfect in making sure others at home don’t get infected as well. Otherwise, the general mode will work great for daily use.

8. Dyson Pure Cool Tower Purifier Fan

Best Air Purifiers Singapore
  • High-quality HEPA filter
  • Cleans and cools air at the same time
  • Controllable through WiFi
  • Very easy to maintain
  • 2-year warranty

Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Fan is a device that kills two birds with one stone. With the hot weather all year round in Singapore, you definitely need a fan to cool you down. Now, how about a fan that also purifies the air at the same time? That’s exactly what the Dyson Pure Cool does!

It has a HEPA filter that removes 99.95% of even the tiniest particles from the air. It has an inbuilt intelligent purification system that automatically senses the air quality and adjusts its settings to provide the best quality air for you and your loved ones.

The air that is blown out is cool and fresh. With the bladeless fan, the Dyson DP03 helps to circulate the purified air around the room and makes you feel cool. 

With its futuristic and modern design, it certainly stands out from other bulky and heavy air purifiers. What more, you will only need just the Dyson DP03 instead of both an air purifier and a fan. This is a great design innovation that is beneficial as homes are getting smaller.

The Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Fan is truly one of the best air purifiers sold in Singapore.

9. Sharp Car Air Purifier

Best Air Purifiers Singapore
  • Cleans the air, odours, and smoke
  • Removes allergens, dust mites, and viruses
  • Very quiet operation

The Sharp Car Air Purifier is a top choice if you’re specifically looking for an air purifier to put in your car. It can clean the air very fast when you activate its turbo mode. It can also remove harmful particles like allergens, dust mites, and viruses in your car.

Additionally, it can also remove odours such as smoke and even durian smells. Another plus point is how quiet it is – so soft that you won’t even notice that it is turned on.

10. Novita PuriClean™ NAP101i Air Purifier

  • Effective 4 steps air purification
  • Ionizes and eliminates contaminants
  • 1-year warranty

Few air purifiers come with ionizers. The benefits of ionization are plentiful. It can remove contaminants, allergens, and bad odours at the same time. Novita Puriclean NAP101i purifies and ionizes the air using its HEPA type filter to doubly ensure that the air you breathe is of the best quality. 

With 3 simple speed settings and an on-and-off switch, you will find that it is very straightforward to operate. Simple to use, but also very effective. That’s a great design in my book.  

You must definitely consider the minimalist-styled Novita PuriClean when buying an air purifier as it is truly one of the best air purifiers in Singapore!

11. Xiaomi Mijia Car Air Purifier

Best Air Purifiers Singapore
  • Cleans the air in 3 to 5 minutes
  • Compact size to fit at back headrest
  • App control and monitoring

While you are on the road, you’re exposed to many dust particles even if you turn on the air conditioner. That is why every car needs a good air purifier. If you are on the road often or have young children, keeping the air fresh in the car is vital for good health.

With its compact size, you can install this Xiaomi purifier at the headrest of your seat so it won’t clutter up your dashboard. Once you turn it on, it will clean the air entirely in just a few minutes. You can even download the app and use it to monitor and control the air purifier.

On the whole, want clean air for your car? Then you should definitely get this Xiaomi air purifier.

12. Water Air Purifier 606A

Water Air Purifier 606A

  • Great smelling aromas
  • Very affordable

The Water Air Purifier 606A isn’t the best air purifier but it is definitely the cheapest. Don’t want to splash out hundreds for an air purifier? This could be the option for you. It is a simple purifier that does not have a HEPA filter. However, it can provide great smelling air if you add some aromatherapy essences into the water compartment. 

If your priority is just nice smelling air, the 606A Water Air Purifier would be a decent option and is truly one of the best affordable air purifiers in Singapore.

13. Honeywell HAP18450 Air Purifier

  • Great choice for larger spaces
  • Cleans and eliminate odours from the air
  • Designed to be quiet
  • Extremely long 5-year warranty

Say goodbye to dust. With a True HEPA filter, the Honeywell HAP18450 is highly effective in cleansing the air of any dust, viruses, and bacteria. Beyond that, it also eliminates bad smelling air such as tobacco smoke and leaves the room smelling fresh. With its trademarked SurroundSeal technology, it ensures particles do not escape from the air purifier. 

If you are looking for an air purifier for a larger space, this Honeywell model would be perfect. It has an effectiveness that would be sufficient for spaces between 500 to 700 square feet. You may think such a powerful machine would be noisy. Not at all. Its Quietcare technology reduces the sounds emitted and ensures a clean and also a quiet room. 

Honeywell HAP18450 is not a cheap product. It prides itself on its high quality and stands by it with its super long 5-year warranty that will put your mind at ease. When you divide its cost over 5 years, you will find that it is very cost effective. 

14. Clean Air AP-777

Best Air Purifiers Singapore
  • Super efficient with True HEPA
  • Quiet operation
  • 6 months warranty

Clean Air AP-777 is a simple air purifier that does its job very well. It is equipped with a True HEPA filter which is used in medical facilities. Also, it has an Ultra Violet (UV) light that helps to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi. With these qualities, your room will be the cleanest and most sterile it has ever been!

15. The Mi Air Purifier 2H

  • True HEPA filter
  • Cost-efficient

With a pre-filter that is washable, this means that you would not have to change the True HEPA filter as frequently. This will help save a significant amount of running costs, making the Clean Air AP-777 one of the most economically-friendly air purifiers around!

The Mi Air Purifier 2H has triple-layer filtration with a True HEPA filter to provide the best purification results. The company claims to upgrade the filter to eliminate 9.97% of particulate matter of size 0.3 microns, making it an excellent entry-level choice for an air purifier.

The True HEPA filter has a 360° cylindrical shape that takes in air from every direction, layering with an activated carbon filter that captures odor, offering a room full of clean, pure air so that you can breathe easily.

Moreover, equipped with a high-quality Japanese SHINYEI particle sensor, this machine calculates indoor PM2.5 quality and displays it on your phone.

16. Air Purifier True HEPA H13

Image credit: Shopee
  • Fitted with three pin plug
  • Comes with a six-month warranty
  • Filters 99.98% of pollutants

The Air Purifier True HEPA H13 air purifier helps keep your home pure from pollutants and free from mould spores, pollen, smoke, and odours. The 5-in-1 H13 HEPA uses an H11 filter that captures all the invisible particles in the air and purifies 99.98% pollutants with 0.03 microns’ size.

The cleaner comes in auto mode, a smart air sensor that can detect all air pollutants. It adjusts the fan speed promptly. You will fall in love more with the air purifier because it displays the air quality level for any adjustments you may need. With the HEPA H13 air purifier, you breathe easy since your air is clean. Besides, you will be free of allergies such as coughing, sneezing, and irritated eyes.

17. Levoit Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • It covers a large area of 30 meters squared.
  • Cleans quietly
  • It has an in-built sensor

The Levoit Smart Wi-Fi Air Purifier is ideal for homes with large rooms. It eliminates odour and comes with a one-year warranty. You will love the three pin-plug and smart controls that come with a free VeSync app that remotely adjusts the fan.

You can therefore create timers and schedules which customize how the cleaner will run. With a powerfully effective CADR rating of 135+, the cleaner covers a 30meters square area which is ideal for most homes’ size. That’s not all; the purifier monitors the quality of air in your home. The sensor monitors your environment to keep tabs on how pure the air is around your home. It can also filter particles of 0.3 micrometres in size, making it your perfect home purifier.

18. Xiaomi Youpin PETONEER Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • The product is minimalistic and light
  • It fitted with an intelligent sensing mode
  • It has a long battery life of three days
  • The product can link to an app for easier monitoring

The Xiaomi Youpin PETONEER Air Purifier eliminates the odour in your house, leaving your home fresh and free from allergies. What more user friendly about this product is the large battery capacity. It lasts three days without the need to recharge. 

Another feature is the intermittent working mode, whereby you don’t need to control the switch. It offers you 24-hour fresh airflow while its intelligent sensing mode releases oxygen once your pet leaves. Your home is, therefore, safer with pets and family members.

The smart sensors, the infrared(IR) Fresnel Lenses, can detect pets on the premises. With a minimalistic design and a net weight of 153g, the product is your preferred home appliance.  

19. Line Friends Table Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • Its energy-efficient.
  • It has a low noise level.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It’s portable,compact and light in weight.

The Line Friends table air purifier is one of the effective air purifiers for a home setting. With the ability to capture contaminants with opposite polarity, the line friend’s cleanser leaves your home fresh and odourless.

Other contaminants with no polarity or the electrostatic particles are filtered using the porous filter at end of the filter. You will therefore be free of contaminants. Another feature of the line friends air purifier is the low noise level it emits while working. Worried about inflated energy bills while using the cleaner? Fear not; it’s energy-efficient and consumes almost $0.3 per month when used for 24 hours. 

Its compressor impeller has powerful suction, and there is a filter replacement alarm that indicates a replacement indicator based on the usage time. You can also connect to USB for portability. Another user-friendly feature is how it’s easy to use. You can easily separate, clean, replace the filter, and operate with one button.

20. Korea Clair K Home Air Purifier Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • The cleaner has a child lock for safety
  • It has the aroma diffuser
  • Has a filter change alarm
  • It has a low noise level

The Korea Clair K Home air purifier eliminates animal hair, pollen grain, mould, and large dust particles. Fitted with an improved air purification performance through Clair’s electret charge technology, the cleaner has an improved version of ten percent. Another essential feature is the carbon filter, which expels unpleasant smells in your house.

Kore Clair K Home cleaner has LED colours, which indicate air quality. The auto mode adjusts the operation mode to clean any dust or pollens in the air efficiently. You may have a hard time trying to know when to remove the filter; but with the filter change alarm, there’s an indicator on when to replace your filter. While regulating the light level at night can be a chore, the filter has a night mode feature that controls the night’s brightness level.

21. Ion Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • Compact design
  • It purifies a large area of fifty square meters.
  • Low noise level
  • Fitted with child lock for safety
  • It has a compact design

The Ion Air Purifier is one of the best purifiers in Singapore. With a compact design that fits in most homes, the air purifier is useful in large families. Those who love a quiet environment will be happy with its low noise level of 45-54Db.

Another functionality of the ION Air purifier is the LCD touch panel, which has a temperature display and PM of 2.5. Tired of getting up all the time to control the cleaner? Worry not, it comes with a remote control three-speed setting. With a CADR 300 m3/h Formaldehyde of 300m per hour, this device will purify your home faster. That’s not all; the purifier can purify 10 million negative ions per minute.

22. HEPA Air Purifier PM2.5 HEPA

Image credit: Shopee
  • It has a compact design
  • The cleaner has a low noise level
  • The air purifier is affordable.

The HEPA Air purifier is your perfect air cleansing appliance, especially for small rooms and cars. You’ll eliminate all harmful particles and toxins in the air. It is compact in design and fits in most spaces nicely. HEPA air purifier has ionizers and several filters for effective cleaning. Your family and pets can rest easy, knowing that the air you breathe is fresh.

The HEPA purifier is also easy even with a car battery. Replacement of filters is after six months for it to operate efficiently. The ease of using the cleaner makes it your companion. You don’t need to go through lengthy manuals to run the cleaner. With its low consumption rate, it is economical to use the cleaner.

23. Panasonic Econavi Nanoe Air Purifier F-PXM55ANS

Image credit: Shopee
  • The device has smart sensors
  • It has a low noise level
  • Fitted with Haze mode
  • It purifies a large area of 41 square meters.

Panasonic is a reliable brand in offering high-quality home appliances. It’s Panasonic Econavi None Air Purifier F-PXM55ANS comes with smart sensors that monitor daily activities and then memorize them. It controls the pollution level to ensure optimal performance. Fitted with Nanoe technology, it prevents 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in your home.

The cleaner also has the HEPA composite Filter, which captures pollutants and removes 0.3 particles at a high-performance filter. Its 3D circulation airflow is useful for removing impurities. Another functional feature is the house dust catch, which has powerful suction to catch any dust that children may have. What’s more, the haze mode adjusts the fan speed so that any pollutants in the house are detected and removed. With a coverage area of 42 square meters, the appliance will be useful for your home.

24. LG Puricare Mini AP 151 Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • The cleaner is fully certified
  • Has a low noise level
  • It’s light in weight
  • It has a 2,000-hour lifespan

The LG Puricare Mini AP Air Purifier is a good air purifier that removes 99 percent of harmful substances. The cleaner removes the allergen dust filter, and its lifespan is 2,000 hours. With its dual inverter motors, it removes ultra-fine dust and allergens once it detects the dust. Its double clean fan cleans air faster and in the broader area.

Many consumers are happy with their low noise level and it’s lightweight. Another great feature of the LG Puricare Mini AP Air purifier is its wireless capability, making it portable. Your family will enjoy clean air in a quiet environment with improved technology. 

Another great feature with the LG Puricare is that it’s light in weight and connects to wireless devices. Therefore, you have the luxury of caring for it anywhere as you enjoy clean air with reduced noise. What’s more, the LG Puricare Mini AP151 is certified. It has also earned certification for allergen removal performance and clean performance. You can, therefore, trust the legitimacy and reliability of this air cleaner.

25. Cado Ap-C 100 Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • It has a minimalistic and elegant design
  • It has a low sound level of 30 Dba
  • The air purifier is durable

The Cado Ap-C Air purifier is ideal for your living space, especially the bedroom. It’s classy, minimalistic with control buttons at the bottom. With a low sound level, you will have an uninterrupted sleep the whole night while breathing fresh air.

What’s more, the air cleaner has a blue-light carbon filter that helps in self-cleaning. It instantly kills pathogens, germs, and bacteria while ensuring that the filter is germ-free. Tired of replacing your air filter frequently, worry not. The Cado Ap-C Air Purifier has a long lifespan and its durable. Despite the high price tag, the air cleaner is worth every coin.

26. AUGIENB Air Purifier

Image credit: Shopee
  • It removes 99.99% of air allergens and pollutants
  • The cleans a larger area of 232 sq. ft.
  • It has 3 Fan Speed setting

The Augienb Air Purifier removes dust mould smoke and odour in your home. It’s easy to use and very safe, eliminating allergens, and pollutants. The cleaner leaves your home and office fresh and healthier. You can enjoy the fresh air, especially during allergy season.

A great feature of the Augienb air cleaner is its five powerful filters. The filter includes the Primary course purification, coconut shell activation, HEPA filter, and carbon purification. With this unit, you can rest easy since the filters remove 99.99% of PM 2.5 mould, spores, odours, pollen, Formaldehyde, and bacteria. It’s a perfect choice for those suffering from nasal stuffiness, asthma, sneezing, and allergies. 

The air cleaners 3 Fan Speed Setting helps you customize the kind of purification you need. You can opt for high speeds, medium and low. With air quality control, you can also know the level of air quality.

27. TruSens Z-1000 Small Air Purifier

Image credit: Trusens
  • It’s easy to use
  • The air cleaner has a low noise level
  • It’s useful in purifying your home.

The TruSens Z-1000 Small Air Purifier improves the air quality in your home with 360 degrees Dupont HEPA filtration and the power of ultraviolet (UV-C) light. Its filter captures allergens, VOC, traps viruses and pollens in different angles. The UV-C light destroys bacteria and germs in the filter.

In addition to the above effectiveness, the air cleaner uses two airflow streams which evenly distribute the air in your home. The bi-directional airflow fully purifies the air in your room. One fun fact about the air cleaner is that it’s 24% more effective than air purifiers with vertical airflow. To sum it all up, TruSens delivers air purification that ensures your living space is comfortable. With a minimalistic design and portability, it is a perfect air purifier in most homes.

28. SAMSUNG Korea Blue Sky

Image credit: Shopee
  • It has a low noise level
  • It cleans a larger area of 40 meters’ square feet.
  • The air cleaner is CA certified.

The Samsung Korea Blue Sky air purifier is a reliable home cleaner from Samsung. It cleans an area of 40metres square feet, making it ideal for most medium-sized homes. With the ability to purify ultrafine allergens and pollens, the filter can deodorize charcoal since it’s fitted with a dust collection filter.

Another great functionality of the Samsung Korea Blue sky air purifier is its sensors. The sensors help you identify the level of air purity in your house, the level of dust removed, and also when to remove the dust filter. With a four-level cleanliness display, you can quickly check and adjust the cleaner to achieve the desired air cleanliness.

29. Philips 2000 Series Air Cleaner AC2882/30

Image credit: Philips SG
  • It has a healthy airlock
  • Cleans a large area.
  • It has a low noise level especially in sleep mode

The Philips 2000 series air cleaner purifies most pollens causing allergic reactions in your home. It cleans microns of 0.2 microns. With smart presetting, it effectively removes bacteria and viruses, allergen, and pollution.

Most consumers love the fit airlock, which alerts you when you need to replace your filter. With a four-step colour indicator, you know the quality of air in the room. That’s not all; its low noise level of 20.5dba makes it useful to use at night while the smart light control helps you adjust the light to your preferred level.

30. The Blueair Classic 400 series

Image credit: Tangs
  • Has automatic settings that adjust according to the conditions
  • It has a high air cleaning capacity
  • You can control the air cleaner via Blueair app

The Blueair classic 400 series air purifier offers you the best air cleaning capacity in an effective and quiet environment. The air cleaner has high cleaning capacity at maximum power and low power hence effectively removes pollens and dust. Its advanced carbon filters and the Dual Protection filter remove gaseous pollutants, viruses, and bacteria in the shortest time possible.

Other functional features of the Blueair classic 400 series are cleaning a 40 metres square room. The air cleaner combines electrostatic filtration and mechanical filtrations to give users an energy-efficient and quitter purification performance. That’s not all; the air cleaner comes with integrated sensors. It helps adjust to current conditions to give you a healthy home environment.

In A Nutshell

bring your outdoor life home

All the above factors combined is what makes these air purifiers a worthy contender of the best air purifiers sold in Singapore and thus deserving your investment in them. Get your air purifier today and why not top it off with some self care? Pamper yourself with some good relaxing home massages service , enjoy some sushi delivery and shopping via Don Don Donki online!