With Covid-19 measures in place, going out to have a session of KTV with friends and family may seem like a drag. What better way to sing your hearts out, than from the comfort of your own home? Grab some snacks and drinks, set up the stereo and you can have a party at home anytime you want, no bookings required! Setting up a home KTV system is simple and compact, making it easy to keep it in your living room.

We have curated an elaborate list of the Best 10 Home KTV Systems in Singapore with a variety of price ranges to fit your budget so that you can stop your search for the perfect entertainment system.

1. MB Home Karaoke

MB Home Karaoke is dubbed Singapore’s leading source of karaoke system in Singapore since 1998. Have a look at some of their credibility from Carousell reviews and Google review. They take pride from innovating traditional karaoke to a modernized and simplified user-friendly home karaoke system. Rest assured that you will be getting what you pay for as their products are tested with the highest standards of quality control.

Do swing by their showroom to test out and watch demos on the products. Their products ranges from individual microphones, speakers, amplifiers to packages and sound bars.

Credits : MB Karaoke Solution Pte Ltd

Highlights :

  • No monthly subscriptions, updates for the songs are cloud based and instantaneous downloads.
  • 2 years warranty and Full After Sale Services Support.
  • Support voice recognition
  • English, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Hokkien, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese and others

Price : SGD$1,798

Purchase : Here

Address22 Sin Ming Lane #05-83 Midview City Singapore 573969
Contact Information69707853 / 81810307 / 97509619 / 98873333
Business hoursMonday – Sunday: 11am – 7:00pm After 7pm, please call to make an appointment


XTUGA AUDIO was founded in 2005. The professional wireless microphone and audio equipment supplier prides in two models of microphone system, which are the Non Built-in Lithium Battery in the receiver that you need to plug the power supply prior to using, as well as the Built-in Lithium Battery in the receiver that is chargeable and portable.


Highlights :

  • Adjustable echo effect
  • Able to mix microphone and music signals without a mixer (saves you extra cost to buy the mixer)
  • Ultra High Frequency
  • Independent volume control

Price : Ranges from $174.02 to $180.27

Purchase : Here

3. Truslink Technology

Anything from hardware wholesale to retail services, trust that Truslink Technology has it. The wholesaler proprietor sells a variety of products ranging from TV mount, TV Box, kitchenware to laptop stands. The one we are most interested in is their Flash LED Dual Wireless Microphones with Outdoor Karaoke System. Treat yourself to quality time with family and friends by snatching this package inclusive of a speaker, 2 microphones with built-in battery, cables and cords that comes with installing. Not to worry about the nitty gritty details, as the instruction manual is all the IT help you need with some clear and simple steps.

Credits : SDRD

Highlights :

  • Wireless Bluetooth connection within 10m range
  • Support TF card and USB flash drive
  • Disco colored lights
  • Charging time 2 to 3 hours

Price : $79.30

Purchase : Here

Address10 Jalan Besar Sim Lim Tower, #03-39, 208787
Contact Information9008 5349
Business hoursMonday – Friday : 11am – 6:00pm
Saturday : 11.30am to 5pm
Sunday : 1pm to 4pm


For people looking to just own microphones, ARCHEER allows users to connect to TV sound bars, phones and iPads for wireless streaming. For non-Bluetooth options, there is a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack available. One negative feedback to note about the microphone was the sound of sibilance. Pro-tip : To tackle loud feedback or sibilance, hold the microphone angled downwards 10 to 15 degrees.

Credits : https://soundreview.org/

Highlights :

  • High quality Anti-Noise Solution
  • Wide usage
  • Easy to configure

Price : S$66.33

Purchase : Here

5. Popsical Remix

This compact device that can easily fit into your handbag is a game changer. Believe it or not, this is also a KTV system. Popsical allows you to bring your karaoke party where ever you please. Download their daily self-updating song library on Google Play and the Apple Store, to get access to all the latest hits, at a small price of $4.99 for their 24-hour subscription package. If a full day isn’t enough to satisfy your singing needs there is a monthly plan charging at $10.99. The upside to subscribing to their monthly plan is the free 30 days premium trial. If your favorite overrated songs are not in the library, simply suggest it to Popsical via their app. Pop down to their flagship store in FUNAN at Level 4, 04-12, to try it out in person!

Credits : Popsical Remix

Highlights :

  • Fun features like special voice modulation effects
  • In-built pitch optimization
  • Portability guaranteed

Price : $499

Purchase : Here

Address107 North Bridge Rd Funan Mall #04-12 S179105
Contact Information31292202
Business hoursMonday – Friday : 11am – 6:00pm
Saturday : 11.30am to 5pm
Sunday : 1pm to 4pm

5. Powerhouse Home Karaoke

Powerhouse slimDUO Home Karaoke System is the best fitted KTV system to put in your living room, minus the cluttered set up. Do head down to their showroom as they welcome users for a free demo. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed as they can update any missing songs in the library database within 2 weeks time, provided you have sent in the song request via their app or official website.

Highlights :

  • Remastered songs by recreating karaoke songs with incorrect MVs.
  • Uses PowerCONNECT App for easy browsing of songs
  • Romanized songs for all KPOP fanatics
  • Song updates are free

Price : S$1699

Purchase : Here

Address11 Woodlands Close #10-10 / 09 Singapore 737853
Contact Information8866 0808 / 8833 0606 (Call / WhatsApp)
Business HoursMon-Fri: 10am – 7pm
Sat & Sun: 11am-7pm
*Public Holiday by appointment basis.

6. AC Ryan

Currently on sale even on their official website, it is a steal! For those who want to invest in a good entertainment system, check out the AC Ryan KTV Player w/3TB. It is a non-streaming home karaoke system with no monthly subscription. Even amateur singers can shine through with their voice assist and pitch control functions. If you are feeling competitive, try out their scoring feature!

Highlights :

  • Built in hard disk with all the latest hits
  • Multi-language menu
  • User friendly and similar to the feels in the actual KTV room

Price : S$1368

Purchase : Here

Address1 Rochor Canal Road, Sim Lim Square, #04-09, SG 188504
Contact Information6337 5587
Business Hours11:30AM to 7:00PM, daily except closed on Tuesdays.
Service drop-off on weekends & public holidays (1 week collection)

7. Xiaomi

Who said that hosting karaoke at home meant needing all the traditional technology? With this professional Xiaomi microphone, you can easily go to YouTube and play out all your favorite songs. Belt out your singing voice with this multi-functional microphone. It works well with BT mode, Type-C U disc mode and AUX mode.

Credits : Xiaomi

Highlights :

  • Smart noise reduction
  • Record and playback songs
  • High resolution loudspeaker
  • Prevents screeching and howling sounds at close-range

Price : S$46.47

Purchase : Here

AddressMultiple outlets : Check Here
Contact Information[email protected];
Business HoursAll outlets operate from 11pm to 9pm (Mon to Sun)


The microphone outer case is made out of alloy material which is tougher whilst maintaining the feature of being light weight and more wear-resistant. The chargeable receiver is built-in 720mAh battery for 4.5 hours use time and can be fully charged in 3 hours. In addition, the battery power and signal strength are displayed in real time, so you do not have to worry about the microphone offing abruptly.

Highlights :

  • Cardioid polar pattern
  • Noise cancelling
  • Powerful wireless signals (up to 100m range)

Price : S$45.45

Purchase : Here

9. Coolvox

Just in case you miss singing in style like in the old days, you can order a custom dynamic microphone. Although these vintage microphone are more commonly used for theatrical or stages purposes, having one at home can give a nice vintage design to your living room while you host your karaoke party.

Highlights :

  • Zinc alloy metal
  • Universal interface
  • Consistent super cardioid pattern

Price : S$51.10

Purchase : Here

10. iSmart

The MB 800 is the condenser microphone for sound recording, perfect for professional karaoke singers. The BM800 set includes the BM800 microphone, audio cables and shock mounts etc. There is even a live computer with accompaniment connection function, which also works for phones. In comparison to the BM800 set, the BM800 Set+V8 Set is made available for both PC and phones. On top of that, the key feature of this option is that there is no need to download any software.

Highlights :

  • Offers high sensitivity to create high quality audio
  • Foldable arms to minimize transport size and easy for storage
  • Shock-proof mount reduces noise
  • Supports dual mobile use

Price : Ranges from S$35 to $45

Purchase : Here

There is no doubt that having fun at home is the key factor here for owning an in-house KTV system. However, do remember to be a considerate neighbor in terms of sound control. In addition, Housing & Development Board advises that we observe quiet hours between 10:30pm and 7:00am.

In conclusion, there are always going to be many options available to choose from. Our list has helped to shorten that shopping list and make life more enjoyable and entertaining from the comforts of your home. We know it beats having to fight for slots during the peak hours at KTV booths. Grab an inhouse karaoke system for convenience and enjoy discounted prices at the same time. Sharpen your singing skills with this guide on singing lessons in Singapore.