You’ve seen it in libraries, children’s childcare centers, even in giant workplaces like Google. Bean bags are the epitome of comfort and affordability. You can sit, lay flat , curl up like a cat and even use it as a chair when you work, talk about multi-functional! The piece of furniture fits in seamlessly in any environment hence allowing the user to adapt with it.

Read on to find out more about the choices of beans bags to place in your den.

1. 18 Cubes Suede Washable Tri-Fold Floor Chair

Bean bags are no longer the traditional squishy round sacks of seats, nowadays, it is transforming into more functional pieces of furniture. This foldable floor chair can be used in the living room, to replace a couch, available in different sizes from small (37cm) to large (55cm). It is sold in staple colors such as lucky red, sky blue, grey, coffee brown, pink and black.

Notice that it mentions ‘Tri-Fold’ in the product name, that means that the chair is able to lay flat for users to relax, bend to a desired angle for work and also five different inclinations, depending on how straight you want to sit. How to fold? Fold forward until less than 90 degrees, then it can be laid flat.

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Highlights :

  • Six Gear Folding Adjustments (Flat & five different inclinations)
  • Interior made up of steel pipes for strong support
  • Soft sponge and PP-cotton padding
  • Removable cover with concealed zipper (convenient to clean)
  • Small size, space-saving

Price : S$28.80

Purchase : Here

2. Washable Tatami Bean Bags

Sold in a myriad of color selections, this modern minimalistic style bean bag comes with a cover that can be removed and washed. Akin to pillowcases and bedsheets, care must be taken to furniture such as bean bags. Think Muji bean bags but cuter. This compact cushion is excellent in transforming your living room into your favorite lounge area.

Highlights :

  • Internal fillers made up of environmentally friendly filler particles
  • Size : 65 * 65cm * 43 cm(ADULT SIZE)
  • Compact size is good for small apartments

Price : S$40 to $135

Purchase : Here

3. Bean Bag Sofa

We would recommend filling a bean bag up to 75% – 80% instead of 100%. There are 3 sizes available to choose from, a wise choice would be to get an adult sized bean bag, as having it larger is better than having it smaller. Slight discrepancy to note : the measurements are taken from an unfilled bean bag, so do allow for 1-3cm differences due to manual measurements.

SizingAdult Size Teens Size Kids Size
Length 120cm100cm90cm
Width 100cm90cm90cm

Highlights :

  • Ergonomic design
  • Upgraded from small to widened pull ring
  • Upgraded from single-needle sewing that is flimsy to a more durable and attractive-looking double needle sewing
  • Material made up of 100% Polyester fibers

Price : Ranges from S$55.93 to S$89.93

Purchase : Here

4. Japanese Style Bean Bag Tatami

Miss travelling to Japan during this pandemic? Not to worry, you can incorporate the same Japanese feels into the comfort of your own home with this homely piece of furniture. This artistic style of a floor cushion is definitely unique and can be converted from a egg-like oval (perfect for kids!), or have it opened up to be used as a backseat and a climb mat for your child or simply a mattress for you to lay on. Psst! Seems like its more useful to get two eh?

Highlights :

  • Multi-functional sofa
  • Strict silk stitching
  • Durable and comfortable fabric

Price : Ranges from S$113.85 – $145.20

Purchase : Here


Loafersden is a team of proclaimed experts of comfort, presenting to you a premium cushion – SKIVE – in the shade cool grey, to give maximal minimalist vibes. The dimensions are 110cm x 90cm with a weight of 3.2kg. Creators at Loafersden experimented vastly to come up with this tear drop seat to give users a cozy lounge experience.

Credits : loafersden

Highlights :

  • Premium comfort with optimal back support
  • Durable material
  • Breathable
  • Casing made up of soft linen material

Price : S$64.90

Purchase : Here

6. Triangle Bean Bag

Instead of the typical rounded or chair- like bean bag, we present to you, triangle shaped bean bag! This adult-sized bean bag is perfect for gamers who just want to chill out. For the optimal lumbar support, the pyramidal cushion is densely packed at the middle, to give you a soft but sturdy backseat. If you are someone looking to find a massive and comfy seat with just enough filler, check this out pronto!

Highlights :

  • High quality
  • Thick and durable material (good for pet owners)
  • Versatile seating position

Price : Ranges from S$59.90 to $119.90

Purchase : Here


Although we have no idea when and why people would need such a massive bean bag, but hey, ask and we shall deliver. This is a XXL- Super Big Bean Bag cover, once the fillers are added in, this large seat can act as a couch for two, spanning the size of 150cm x 60cm. The fillers can be bought online, or in store – which you can self-pick the type of fillers, at the cost of $100. Pricey.

Highlights :

  • Available in multitude of colors to choose from
  • Biggest bean bag your friends will see
  • Fits better in office/workplace

Price : S$69.93

Purchase : Here

8. Leather Bean Bag

The creators of this chic Nordic style bean bags are eloquent in providing seats of comfort. Now since the product is leather, you cannot remove and wash the covers and you also need to assemble the parts together. You can opt to purchase the single position chair by itself or you can grab the single seat with the round stool, for you to rest your legs up after a long day of work. Refer to the dimensions from the image below.

Highlights :

  • Slot at the side to place books, magazines or an iPad
  • Lightweight furniture which can easily be moved around (switch up the design of your room any time)
  • Uses EPP Foam filler
  • Good for pet owners if pets tend to mark their territory on cloths

Price : Ranges from S$371.25 – $484.47

Purchase : Here

9. Cashmere Lazy Sofa

It’s sweater season in Singapore, and cold days ahead means seeking warmth in your home. Bean bags or lazy sofas are almost a staple in every room to give your living space a touch of warm and relaxation. The ultimate furniture for you snuggle up to your bae in this comfy seat while you Netflix.

Highlights :

  • Can be placed anywhere in your home
  • Easy to install
  • Economical style positioning

Price : Ranges from $51.75 – $169.74

Purchase : Here

10. Mason’s home decor

Their featured products are the Curva, the Havana Pouffle, the Cubo and the Cocoon. All of which are sent to your doorstep filled with premium RecoFlex beans. At Mason’s Home Decor, they take into careful consideration down to the tiniest details to create the innovation of RecoFlex, an improved formula of the common expanded polystyrene (EPS) fillers used in most bean bags. Check out their website to get a gist of how to select the ultimate bean bag according to your body type and the amount of refills needed, whip out your calculator and get punching! The Cacoon is considerably larger than the usual bean bags that you can buy online, as seen in the image below.

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Highlights :

  • RecoFlex can last up to 10years compared to the generic EPS which lasts 5 to 7 years
  • 100% online to allow customer savings
  • Look out for their Christmas Trees, Ornaments and Decorations for the festive season

Price : Ranges from $109.00 to $169.00

Purchase : Here

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Thank the Italians for creating the Sacco chair, the universally known bean bags that we all love to laze on. There are many variations available on sites and stores, but the best part of the bean bag is that once you sat on it, it takes the shape of your body, catering to your body type to have the best comfortable position you see fit. To check out other furniture you can place in your humble abode, we also have a guide on the Best 7 Furniture Stores in Singapore, Best 10 Sofas in Singapore and Best 10 Massage Chairs in Singapore.