Singapore is a growing fashion industry with a large number of cosmetic companies operating within the country. The abundance of products in such a small market and ample choices can confuse you. But worry no more because beauty bloggers are here to your rescue. With the increasing awareness about personal hygiene and body care, the role of a beauty blogger has increased substantially during the last decade. Not only do these bloggers share the makeup tutorial but they also suggest the best products according to skin type.

Thousands of beauty bloggers are writing blogs and uploading motivational posts to attract followers. But finding the best amongst many can be as difficult as finding a needle in the haystack. Nevertheless, fret not… To save you from the trouble of searching for the best and wasting time, we have shortlisted the 27 worth following beauty bloggers in 2021. 

1. Mongchin Yeoh – @mongabong

Looking for a beauty blogger who not only focuses on Singapore but also displays the fashion world happenings. Go to Mongchin Yeoh Instagram wall and check out her content. From the user’s instruction of modern styling equipment to the honest and insightful reviews of expensive branded products, Mongchin is one of the leading makeup bloggers of the country. Her travel life is not only focusing on famous places of that country but also depicts the fashion trends according to the culture.

She believes that natural products are the best remedy for damaged skin and her blogs are also focused on the usage of natural and organic products. This does not mean that you will not find other cosmetic related content on her page. Do follow this amazingly talented blogger and improve your beauty by sitting at home. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

2. Michelle – @bubblymichelle

Michelle has been writing beauty blogs since 2013. She is often regarded as a part-time travel blogger and part-time beauty blogger but her credentials show that she is an expert beauty blogger. Being a beauty judge three times at Harper Bazaar Singapore, Michelle has all the characteristics that a beauty blogger generally has. Definitely one of the best beauty bloggers in Singapore!

Looking at her Instagram wall, you will find the reviews and results of those expensive and branded cosmetic items. In case you are a Dior fan, then her blogs are heaven for you. In addition to all this, you will find the beautiful places around the world along with valuable lifestyle suggestions that can change your way of living.

3. Miyake Ng – @callmemiyake

Miyake started her blogging career under the belt of the renowned company ‘My Fat Pocket’ but soon made a switch towards solo blogging. And looking at her content, her followers appreciate her decision. She has all know-how of beauty products and tips and when it comes to Singaporean weather conditions, no one can match her authentic tips. Her blogs also focus on local and branded makeup items without discrimination. Even if you are looking for authentic makeup tutorials, do give a try to this blogger who will not disappoint you in any way. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

4. Nicole Chang Min – @nicolechangmin

Out of many beauty bloggers in Singapore, we have shortlisted another one for you. Nicole Chang Min is one of the best in business when we talk about beauty blogging. Whether it be a lifestyle, review of branded products, or usage of certain cosmetics, Nicole has covered it all for you. Her aesthetic layer posts are not only soothing to eyes but also suggest the latest products in the market. Lately, she has started makeup tutorial videos and receiving a positive response from the fans. Do go through her Instagram wall to get an idea about her blogs, and then decide to follow her.

For more information visit the Instagram page.

5. Christabel – @bellywellyjelly

If you are looking for a young and motivating beauty blogger, then Christabel Chua is a must to follow the blogger. With her authentic reviews and lovely content, her followers suggest that she is one of the best in this business. Christabel while traveling around the world captures beautiful clicks of different cultures and their fashion priorities. Do follow her to get some positive content for yourself. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

6. XinLin — @XinLinKhaw

Individuals such as Xin Lin and other young beauty bloggers are proof that Singapore will progress a lot in the fashion industry. She is not only an influencer but focuses on body beauty as a whole. According to her blogs, every body part adds to the beauty, so we should take part in every part of our body. Her content also involves the authentic reviews of various cosmetic products available in the market that makes the purchase decision of the customers really easy. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

7. Roanna T – @paradeoflove

Being a beauty junkie you might be aware of the name Roanna T. Yes, the famous beauty blogger who gained a massive 19,000 followers on her Instagram after starting blogging. She is known for her detailed and amazing beauty reviews motivating women to use different products to increase their beauty. Hands down deserving of topping our list of the best beauty bloggers in Singapore.

Her makeup obsession posts are the cutest part of her profile and her followers are a great fan of her flat lay pictures. If you are a high-brand oriented person, then it would be a huge loss not following Roanna T. She herself loves famous luxury brands such as Burberry, Huda Beauty, Tom Ford, etc. Her honest reviews regarding these expensive products can be great for making a purchase decision and selecting the best product for your skin.

8. Hannah Chia – @mshannahchia

Looking for inspirational content lately, then do go through the content of Hannah Chia. She is another beauty blogger who has worked for ‘My Fat Pocket’. Her content is inspiring for many youngsters as Hannah has shared her life experiences. When you visit her Instagram wall, the captivating snaps of different cosmetic products and skincare routines tempt you to press the follow button instantly.

Hannah is one of those followers who also talk about mental health much often along with beauty and skincare. The content is a source of motivation for women who face taunts due to their physical features or skin color. Hannah motivates such women through her blogs and makes them realize that they are the best. Looking at her blogs, you will find that makeup is secondary and that natural beauty is the best form of beauty. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

9. Faith – @faithyvanitytable

Faith is a beauty influencer who is more focused on the makeup aspect of beauty. She has created several beautiful and stunning makeup looks that you can find on her Instagram. There are a lot of tutorials with new techniques, tips, and tricks that can help you recreate the look on yourself. She is creative and showcases her talent in makeup but not only that she also inspires her followers to try new looks. You will love her short and to-the-point reviews. As someone who had adult acne, she is very careful when it comes to choosing her skincare. So all of her products are perfect for even those with acne problems.

Check out her page right here.

10. Roseanne Tang – @roseannetangrs

Roseanne Tang is a certified makeup artist from London School of Beauty and Makeup. That certification is enough to follow her. But wait, as there is much more worth following this beauty blogger. Her blogs are a confidence booster for the women who think the makeup of a tough grind. Roseanne arranges makeup classes for her students and that’s where she motivates the followers to learn this easy task by themselves.

Her beauty tips are acknowledged around the globe and not to forget her premium brush making company ‘Bloom Kit Cosmetics’ that itself provides evidence that Roseanne Tang is a beauty concerned woman.

For more information visit the Instagram page.

11. Jamie Tan – @jamietyj

Jamie Tan is another adorable blogger that made her way into the top 20 list. Going through her content you will find that she is focused on the care of everybody part from head to toe. Knowing the common skin problems of girls, her blogs are focused on providing a viable solution to these problems.

Jamie started her blogging career back in 2013, and till now has a huge fan following depicted by her Instagram numbers where humongous 45,000 followers are following this blogger. She has won many national and international awards including the runner up the award of ‘Influence Asia Top Beauty Influencer’ back in 2015. Do follow this adorable blogger and her content that will motivate you to spend more time taking care of your body. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

12. Smita Desouza – @thebeautydesk

Smita is another experienced campaigner who has in hand experience as a makeup artist in both India and Singapore. Understanding two different cultures and getting popular in different countries despite differences depict that Smita is a strong woman. Her beauty blogs started a few years back and have now taken over Singapore like a storm. Confidently embracing her looks, she gives various fashion tips to newbies who are a little shy to express themselves.

Her beauty blogs also boost confidence and recommend the usage of skin-friendly cosmetics. No matter if you are an Indian, Singaporean, or any other national, do follow the quality content of Smita Desouza. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

13. Celine Chiam – @chiamhuiy

Celine Chaim is another influencing personality that is blogging related to food, travel, and beauty. But our main focus is on beauty blogging and the way she influences her followers. She makes the readers feel special by making them feel like a queen. According to her concept, every girl is a queen despite color, caste, height, age, and other features. But the best part about her blogs is the awareness regarding women-specific diseases, such as breast cancer. Truly an inspiration and one of the best beauty bloggers in Singapore!

She beautifully describes the taboo topics that the reader feels special and cares about them much more. Furthermore, she has written many blogs and posts regarding anti-aging effects on the skin that must be tackled. Her followers suggest that following her beauty tips can do wonders for the body.  

For more information visit the Instagram page.

14. Cheryl – @beautifulbuns_sg

Cheryl is another famous name that is on the tongue of every Singaporean when it comes to beauty blogs. From being a journalist and an editor to being a beauty blogger, her life is no less than a motivation for the followers. She has earned the title of ‘Most Popular Beauty Blogs’ in 2014 and was one of the top 3 beauty bloggers in Singapore in Singapore blog awards of 2015. Her followers consider her content to be enchanting and mesmerizing.

Going through her Instagram wall, you will see lots of inspiring stories and quotes that attract more followers. Whether it is a lifestyle, travelling, or regular flat lay makeup item pictures, her social media account is full of versatility. In short, Cheryl is an inspiration for many Singaporeans and her content is worth following. 

15. Leanne Ho – @loveforskincare

If you are worried about skin problems related to aging, then try following the beauty blogs of Leanne Ho. With 65k followers on her Instagram, she is one of the leading beauty bloggers of the country. Looking at Leanne’s skin, you will never believe that she is 47. That is all because of her amazing skin routine. You can find her skin routing and beauty secrets in her blogs.

Her Instagram also comprises flat lay pictures of various tried and tested cosmetic items. You will find that most of these cosmetic items are anti-aging. So, it is recommended for all aged women to follow this amazing blog to bring that glow back on their faces. 

Looking for makeup inspiration? Say no more, because we have shortlisted a lively blogger for you that is a makeup inspiration in Singapore and other countries around the globe. From quitting the music industry to quitting the social media and then coming back with a bang, Candice Chen is a must-follow beauty blogger. Her makeup tutorials are perfect for newbies as well as experienced campaigners.

Blogs of @makeup box are enchanting and humorous that is best for a huge fan following. The blogs also consist of reviews of tried and tested products so the new products don’t harm your skin. Thus, if you want to adopt different styles and appearances, then Candice Chen is the go-to beauty blogger.

16. Mag – @makeupstash

Another Singaporean beauty blogger in the list who is known for motivational content. Yes, we are talking about Mag who started her blogging career a few years back and look at her followers now. The best part about Mag is that she is such a positive person that automatically clicks everyone. Her beauty blogs are motivating as well as authentic.

Very few beauty bloggers upload authentic content but Mag is one of them. Do give a look on her Instagram wall if you are looking for positive blogs.

17. MusicalHouses – @muscialhouses

MusicalHouses is focused on providing beauty knowledge to the followers. The colorful flat lay photos not only attract more followers but reading the description enhances the knowledge regarding the latest products in the market. MusicalHouses has the achievement of earning the award of ‘Beauty Blog Finalist’ at ‘Singapore Blog Awards’ not once but twice.

The best feature of this blog is that it not only reviews the products but also reviews the ingredients. Some ingredients can be detrimental for your skin, so do go through these blogs to get an idea of whether what to apply on your skin and what products are hazardous. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

18. Clara Song – @doublechnn

Clara Song is a motivation for all the mothers out there who cannot manage a skin routine after giving birth to a child. She has two babies and yet she is writing blogs for all the beautiful women out there along with maintaining a skin routine. The content of the blogs is enchanting and easy to read. If a newbie reads her blogs, she will feel as if she is the head of the fashion industry. Going through her content will not only motivate you to take care of your skin but also suggest you best possible cosmetic products according to your skin type. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

19. June –@Junedujour

June is another exciting beauty blogger in Singapore. You will never be bored from her blogs that are a guarantee and you will learn too much while giving her blogs a read. The flat lay pics along with good reviews have made this girl famous in Singapore and around the globe. So go through her content and do give her a chance if you are looking for beauty content and humor in the same writing. 

For more information visit the Instagram page.

20. Sophia – @makeup_blogette

Skincare routine can be difficult to follow and you know what is more difficult than that? Having a proper skincare routine. But Sophia has solved this problem by providing adequate information about skincare in her blogs. You can find different routines to follow in her blogs and that too according to skin type.

Coming towards another feature of her blogs, those are the no-frill makeup reviews. You will find authentic product reviews and recommendations on her page. So just go through her Instagram wall and blog site that will urge you to automatically press the subscribe/follow button. 

21. Pearly – @pearlywerkz

If you need someone who is just a living ray of sunshine, then Pearly is a perfect choice. Popular for her optimistic view of life, Pearly is a beauty blogger who shares everything with her followers. Whether it is her skincare routine, new food and restaurant discoveries, or even reviews of the products that she is currently interested in. Her reviews are very detailed and have a thought behind them.

As an eczema fighter, she is an inspiration for anyone who suffers from the same condition. Pearly is known for spreading awareness and useful information on eczema, she even has many blogs dedicated to eczema which is helpful for anyone who suffers from it. Pearly also goes out of her way to try services and products made especially for people with eczema. This way her followers know the pros and cons of said product.

Her reviews on beauty products can also be useful if they have sensitive skin. Pearly has worked with many different local and international brands like Sephora, Bellezza Aesthetics, IREN, Science of Skin, and many more. Her blogs are usually focused on innovations and trends, so you’ll not be disappointed if you follow her.

22. Ivia Nat – @ivianthui

Ivia Nat is a beauty blogger who doesn’t shy away from her love of food. So you get to enjoy the usual beauty tips and reviews, but also enjoy the huge variety of snack reviews on the side. In fact, she’s tried exotic to local to even subscription boxes and is a huge promoter of body positivity. It is hard to stay body positive in the world of social media, but Ivia’s page is a safe haven for all.

She is also keen on supporting Singaporean brands so if you want to know more about local brands, then she is the one you should follow. Ivia also focuses on the skincare aspect of beauty, she has a lot of reviews when it comes to skincare. This also works well with her aesthetic as she focuses on beauty from within and without.

Check out her page right here.

23. Jessie Quek – @dipmecocoa

If you’ve been following the beauty influencer world for some time, then chances are you already know Jessie. After all, she’s been around since 2008 and is still as passionately in love with blogging. You can see just by glancing at her blog posts, that she loves beauty in everything. She should be your go-to-blogger if you like to visit beautiful places, and feel beautiful too!

She is also famous for sharing many aspects of her private life with her followers because she believes that her followers are a part of her family. Jessica reviews many different kinds of beauty products like skincare, haircare, and even beauty tools. She has many reviews for different brands, and sometimes she even reviews the whole range from a particular brand.

Not only that, but she is very informative and thorough when it comes to her reviews so you know everything that you need to know before you buy them. You can also follow her if you want to know more about hair care. Her hair is gorgeous, and definitely warrants a look, or two. Maybe even a million. Find her page here.

24. Michelle – @icefrostdiary

Michelle has one of the most aesthetic pages, and you’ll find yourself scrolling through her pages for hours. But don’t be fooled by her aesthetic and soft vibe; she’s one of the most honest and blunt bloggers out there. And this combination is exactly what makes her so appealing. She only gives you the honest truth, and it comes in a beautiful package of aesthetic vibes!

With plenty of reviews, be it from beauty, lifestyle, home-essentials to even custom-made luxury brands. You can also find plenty of information on subscription boxes, hair-salons, and snacks on her blog. However, she focuses more on beauty when it comes to Instagram. So if you’re just here for her beauty stuff, then you absolutely need to head there. Michelle mainly focuses on skincare but you’ll occasionally get a few makeup reviews and tips too.

25. Tan Shi Hui – @ireviewureadsh

Tan Shi Hui describes herself as a homebody, and her style of writing is very unique as she has a way with words. She writes about beauty, lifestyle, DIY, travel, and much more. Her makeup and skincare reviews are extremely useful, detailed, and well researched. She even mentions key ingredients of those products which can be very handy if you have allergies or sensitive skin.

She even has a separate category dedicated to beauty subscription boxes, with a thorough review of each product provided in the boxes. She also mentions all the pros and cons of those beauty boxes. Her reviews are very detailed so if you want to know everything that you can know about a product before buying them, then Tan Shi Hui will not disappoint you. Find her right here.

26. Cyndi Soh Xinyi – @xinyicyndisoh

Cyndi is a fashion, beauty, and travel blogger. With just one glance through her Instagram, you’ll be able to understand that she likes to present her content like art. Not only are they very aesthetically very pleasing, but they’re also inspiring. You’ll be able to find many fashion tips on her page as well. We understand that fashion is subjective, but most of her fashion accessories are timeless pieces that will look great on anyone.

When it comes to makeup and skincare she mainly focuses on luxury brands. Her reviews are informative, which helps her followers when they’re deciding whether it is a good purchase or not. Check out her Instagram page here.

Beauty is within the eye of the viewer, but it is your responsibility to take care of your skin. Given the abundance of cosmetics and other beauty products in this era, you will find it difficult to shortlist the products. But don’t worry we have shortlisted the best beauty bloggers in Singapore who have expertise in cosmetics and skin routine. Go through our list of the best beauty bloggers in Singapore and follow one according to your preference. 

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