Now that we are stuck here in Singapore, many of us are going on staycations and rediscovering the country. Often times, you find yourself missing the cheap eats and great food that we can get from countries like Vietnam. From Pho to Bun Cha, Singaporeans just loves some Vietnamese food! Banh Mi is another one of the must-try items when we travel to Vietnam.

Put simply, it is a Vietnamese sandwich that is made up with crispy baguette smeared with pate, pickled vegetables, green onion, coriander/cilantro, fresh chillies and seasoning sauce. This hearty sandwich has its roots in old Vietnam and French colonial Vietnam.

As more and more customers demand Banh Mi in Singapore, we have witnessed multiple Banh Mi stalls popping up over the years. Today, we will be exploring the Best 10 Banh Mi in Singapore that you should definitely check out to curb those cravings of yours!

1. Banh Mi Thit by Star Baguette

Banh Mi Thit by Star Baguette | Burpple - 7 Reviews - Geylang, Singapore

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  • Affordable
  • Freshly made baguette
  • Fresh ingredients

Located at Geylang, Banh Mi Thit by Star Baguette features a large eating space for customers to dine in at. Because the brand makes its baguette from scratch, the Banh Mi that is served is extremely fresh and crisp. In addition, the other ingredients such as the vegetables and meats are also fresh and of high quality.

The Banh Mi that is offered by Banh Mi Thit is also extremely affordable. With prices that start from about $4, you get a generous portion of the dish. The beef Banh Mi is particularly popular among its customers. It features a decent amount of beef flank slices and crunchy fresh vegetables stuffed in the baguette. If you are not a fan of beef, you can opt for their pork banh mi which is also quite popular. With it, you get slices of ham and pork belly packed between freshly crusted bread.

All in all, Banh Mi Thit by Star Baguette is a great place that offers cheap and good Banh Mi that will definitely curb your cravings for Vietnamese food! You will be back for more.

Address543 Geylang Road Singapore 389498
Contact Information6909 8340
Business HoursTuesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 10 PM

2. Banh Mi Express

Bami Express | Burpple - 10 Reviews - Tanjong Pagar, Singapore
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  • Affordable
  • Vegetarian option available
  • Flavourful

Located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Banh Mi Express is a small eatery that offers 9 types of Banh mi. They even have a vegetarian option for those of you out there who are vegetarians. At the back of the eatery is a kitchen where the team at Banh Mi Express prepares their baguettes fresh daily. As there are limited seats available, most customers choose to take away their food to enjoy them elsewhere.

Prices start affordably from $4 at Banh Mi Express. Each baguette is packed full with fresh ingredients so you definitely will be full from this dish. One of the more popular options is their Banh Mi BBQ Chicken which is fully stuffed with lemongrass grilled chicken and chicken floss. Some customers state that it would be good if you asked the staff to put in a little bit more sauce into your Banh Mi because it could get a little dry towards the end!

Address02-02 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Blk 1, Singapore 082001
Contact Information6443 3079
Business HoursMonday to Friday: 10.30 AM – 3 PM

3. Banh Mi 888

Banh Mi 888 | Burpple - 15 Reviews - Novena, Singapore
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  • Wide variety of Vietnamese food
  • Good texture
  • Large portion

Banh Mi 888 is located in United Square Shopping Mall. In addition to Banh Mi, the shop also serves up a wide range of other Vietnamese food such as spring roll, pho, and grilled chicken rice. However, just as its name suggests, the stall’s Banh Mi is its best-selling dish.

For their Banh Mi, prices start from $6.50, which is a little higher than other Banh Mi places. However, you do get a large portion with your order. You can choose between chicken or pork options, but with all of their Banh Mi, you will see that they are nice and crispy on the outside and soft in the inside, which is exactly how Banh Mi lovers like it. So be sure to give Banh Mi 888 a try!

Address101 Thomson Rd, #B1-06, Singapore 307591
Contact Information6354 3858
Business Hours10.30 AM – 9 PM, Daily

4. 233 Banh Mi

Vietnamese Pate Chicken Bread – 233 banhmi
Image Credit: 233 Banh Mi


  • Specializes in Banh Mi
  • Simple menu
  • Affordable combo meals

Specializing in Banh Mi, 233 Banh Mi offers a simple and no-frills menu that features only 4 types of the dish: chicken, BBQ beef, tuna and traditional flavour. Because the space of the eatery is quite small, most customers opt for the takeaway option.

Banh Mi 233 offers an affordable combo set meal where customers can enjoy their chosen Banh Mi with a drink at only $6.50. The Banh Mi served by Banh Mi 233 are said to be a lot more flavourful than other Banh Mi places out there, perhaps due to the generous use of spices and herbs in their Banh Mi. One of the more popular options is their traditional flavour which comes with Vietnamese Cha Lua, or Vietnamese pork roll.

Address216 Joo Chiat Rd, #01-07, Singapore 427483
Contact Information6694 8109
Business HoursMonday to Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM

5. O Banh Mi

photo0.jpg - Picture of O Banh Mi, Singapore - Tripadvisor
Image Credit: Trip Advisor


  • Unique flavour combinations
  • Wide variety of Vietnamese food
  • Franchise from Vietnam

O Banh Mi is a Vietnamese restaurant that is a franchise from Vietnam. Despite its name, the casual restaurant serves up more than just Banh Mi. Some dishes that are offered by the restaurant includes summer rolls, pho, com tam, and of course, Banh Mi!

The Banh Mi served up by O Banh Mi come in a variety of flavours like lemongrass chicken, omelette cheese, pork belly, fried beef, as well as sour mustard roasted pork. These flavour combinations are quite unique and you can’t seem to find them anywhere else! So, for a casual dining experience that serves a variety of mouth-watering and unique Vietnamese dishes, check O Banh Mi out!

Address#02-113, Tiong Bahru Plaza, 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168732
Contact Information6352 8929
Business Hours11 AM – 9 PM, Daily

6. Banh You, Banh Mi

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  • Halal Vietnamese food
  • Banh Mi with a local twist
  • Fresh ingredients

Located at Suntec City, Banh You, Banh Mi is an eatery that serves up Halal Vietnamese Sandwiches. The Muslim-owned joint makes their house-made Vietnamese-style pate out of beef instead of the usual pork.

Banh You, Banh Mi also serves up Banh Mi with a local twist by offering flavours such as Rendang Beef, Salted Egg Chicken as well as Butter Chicken Banh Mi. Whichever you choose, you will get a Banh Mi that is stuffed full with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Some of their sandwiches feature pickled carrots, which help to cut through the richness of the mayonnaise, pate and fatty beef, giving you some space to eat more of their delicious food.

Because there is only one short row of seats available at this eatery, it might be best if you order the sandwich and enjoy it up in your office or at home!

Address3 Temasek Blvd, #B1-144, Singapore 038983
Contact Information6352 8929
Business HoursMonday to Saturday: 10 AM – 9 PM

7. Ky Anh Quan (Samsim Vietnam Cuisine)

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  • Affordable
  • Authentic Vietnamese food
  • Wide variety of food options
  • Fresh ingredients

Situated along Joo Chiat Road, Ky Anh Quan is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that offers a diverse selection of specialities that range from traditional Vietnamese food such as pho and spring roll to more western choices such as fries, and grilled quail.

One of its popular menu items is its Banh Mi. Because it is headed by Vietnamese chefs, you really taste the authenticity in their food items. The ingredients used for their Banh Mi are fresh and of great quality. It also comes at a very reasonable price of $5. Moreover, the portion is really huge, and if you are going to be ordering many of their other menu items, we suggest sharing the Banh Mi with a friend!

Address233 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427491
Contact Information6348 1208
Business Hours11.30 AM to 12 AM, Daily

8. La Saigon

La Saigon | Burpple - 3 Reviews - Alexandra, Singapore
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  • Sourdough baguette
  • Fresh and quality ingredients
  • Wide range of food options

La Saigon is located at Alexandra Road, and it serves fresh Vietnamese food such as Pho, Banh Mi and Spring roll. All of their menu items are prepared upon order so as to maintain the freshness and taste. They also prepare their foods according to traditional Vietnamese tradition while infusing a modern touch so as to create a unique La Saigon experience.

Their popular menu item is Banh Mi which sports crispy baguette pork fillings that are very flavourful and tender. The restaurant also uniquely uses sourdough baguette for their Banh Mi. For its quality and freshness, the $7 price tag is extremely reasonable. Be sure to order La Saigon’s coffee, because they are well-known for it. It also pairs well with your order of Banh Mi!

Address 321 Alexandra Rd, #02-26, Singapore 159971
Contact Information6250 7120
Business HoursTuesday to Sunday: 10 AM – 9 PM

9. My Banh Mi Singapore

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  • Central location
  • Special homemade sauces
  • Reasonable prices

My Banh Mi Singapore is located at Tanjong Pagar Centre. it is a takeaway food kiosk that specialises in Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, noodles and rice dishes. What is special about the Banh Mi that My Banh Mi Singapore serves is that there are 5 special homemade sauces that you can choose from so that you can customise your sandwiches differently. One of their most popular sauces is the spicy garlic sauce which is extremely flavourful. If you like the taste of garlic, you should definitely give this sauce a try.

Prices start from around $7, which is extremely reasonable for a food establishment located at the Central Business District area of Singapore!

Address5 Wallich Street Tanjong Pagar Centre #B2-23, Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore 078883 Singapore
Contact Information8608 8728
Business HoursMonday to Saturday: 10.30 AM – 7.30 PM

10. Cô Hai Bánh Mì

Co Hai Banh Mi, Singapore - Crawford - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number &  Photos - Tripadvisor
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  • Packed with flavours
  • Fresh ingredients
  • Convenient location

Located along the beach road, Cô Hai Bánh Mì serves up authentic Vietnamese coffee and street food. The casual Vietnamese joint is best known for the delicious Banh Mi that they serve. Their signature dish, Co Hai Baguette, costs $10 and features Chinese sausage, roasted BBQ pork, pork floss, pâté, cucumber, chilli, coriander, pickled carrots, and daikon.

Their Banh Mi is a flavour bomb because it is at once salty, sweet, sour, crunchy, vinegary, greasy, and fatty. The different ingredients that are packed in the sandwich also contribute to the great texture of the Banh Mi. If you are a spice lover, you could add in chilli padi for more of a kick!

Address359 Beach Rd Singapore 199575, Beach Rd, 199575
Contact Information6291 6435
Business Hours11 AM to 9 PM, Daily

With its thin, crisp crust and soft, airy texture inside, Banh Mi is a very popular dish among Singaporeans. Although we are currently not allowed to travel, these 10 best banh mi places in Singapore serves banh mi that are authentic and tasty. So, head down to try them if you are craving for some Vietnamese food!

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