With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, it is time for all those goodies to shop again. However, with news of Covid cases starting to increase again, it has definitely dampened my upcoming CNY mood. Therefore, I decided that I would invest more in getting my Chinese New Year goodies and Bak Kwa in hope of bringing in some festive atmosphere at home. That’s how I chanced upon Bak Kwa Delivery and here is me sharing with everyone my Bak Kwa Delivery Review!

Great For Any Occasions

I had fallen in love with the packaging when they reached my hands. For those who know me well, they know that I am weak against such kraft packagings.

This is good as other Bak Kwa usually comes in bright red and orange packaging. This made me feel like I could only buy on Chinese New Year.

Another thing is, I don’t have to worry about packaging with Bak Kwa Delivery as I feel that it can be a good gift packaging for my family and relatives who might crave Bak Kwa even after CNY. In short, it is simple and neat.

100% Hand-Made Premium Bak Kwa

Besides roasting Bak Kwa the same way it has been done since the 20th Century, their Bak Kwa is made with a winning recipe! To illustrate, it consists of a luscious combination of sesame oil, homemade fish sauce, sugar, and dark soy sauce. It is also mixed with a secret, well-balanced mix of herbs and spices.

As this Bak Kwa comes in our usual Bak Kwa size, I decided to cut them into smaller pieces to make the portion bigger and easier to consume. This is great for my guests who are visiting over CNY.

Personally, I am pleased to find out that the meat has a good combination of sweet and savory. I love that their Bak Kwa is very tender and there is also a hint of roasted taste which is not too overwhelming for me.

Besides, I have not found a Bak Kwa brand with the right moist to my liking. Thank goodness Bak Kwa Delivery got that element settled for me, though I had a hard time stopping myself from finishing up all the Bak Kwa in a day straight.

Psst, let me share with you a tip; Microwave the overnight Bak Kwa before you eat to make it hot. The heated Bak Kwa will taste more tender and juicy!

About Bak Kwa Delivery

Thankfully, Bak Kwa Delivery offers Bak Kwa packages of different weights available for your choice. Moreover, there are 3 different time slots for delivery, so you can expect a fast delivery as soon as 2 hours within your purchase.

WebsitesBak Kwa Delivery | Facebook
Contact Details+65 9794 9829 | admin@cnydelivery.com
Delivery DetailsDelivery Time Slots:
Time Slot 1: 6-8pm
Time Slot 2: 7-9pm
Time Slot 3: 8-10pm
Free Delivery > $200, < $200 Shipping Fee at $12.90

To Conclude

Do give Bak Kwa Delivery a try! I personally feel that the prices of these Bak Kwas are affordable and certainly value-for-money. Most importantly, I get to skip the long queues in shopping malls for Bak Kwa. Or not having to worry that I might not get mine when it reaches my turn. All in all, I don’t have to worry about having no Bak Kwa this CNY.

What Else To Get This CNY?

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