“I think that I see something deeper, more infinite, more eternal than the ocean in the expression of the eyes of a little baby when it wakes in the morning and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shining on its cradle.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Welcoming a newborn into this world is one of the most beautiful moments in life. The purity and innocence of a baby brings warmth to the hearts of everyone.

Thinking of how to give your good wishes? Well, look no further for this list of baby hamper ideas will surely help you find the ideal gift to congratulate the loving parents and their blessed angel.

1. MyBabyGift

If you’re looking for a place that has everything baby-related that you could have ever imagined then MyBabyGift is the perfect site for you. They offer a wide variety of hampers and gifts that you can choose from ranging from a well-curated selection of toys to even hampers. However, the highlight of their collection has to be their gift hampers.

With plenty of baby hampers that are all curated around a certain theme, every baby (and their parents) are sure to love them dearly. Like their Personalised Baby Hamper takes personalisation to the next level. With onesies, bibs, cushions, towels and blankets that are personalised, this set is a great gift. Their Luxury Minky, on the other hand, focuses on comfort and will leave even the baby’s parents feeling jealous at how comfortable their child feels.

But if you’re someone who wants to add a hint of your creative spin, then there’s always their Create Your Own Hamper. One thing’s for sure, you won’t run out of choices for things that the little one will adore. And as a tip, keep an eye out for their sales section! They run some amazing deals on the regular.

2. Bearloon

This is the perfect baby hamper for the modern baby, and even the parents are going to enjoy opening this one. When you open this hamper, a hot-air balloon rises and this is one of the most adorable things ever. And that’s not all. You can even customise the hamper which is just the icing on the cake. Choose from one of the two hampers; the traditional blue for boys or pink for girls. Or switch things up, it’s totally up to you!

This hamper comes with a romper which you can customise with a name, a mitten with a printed crown, a bunny plushie and rattle, muslin, teether, beanie and bib. You get everything that is practical and needed, along with adorable toys. The perfect package if you ask us. Even the hot-air balloon is customisable, along with the theme and you can even add LED lights for the extra bling. Definitely one of the best baby hampers if you want something that is both memorable and practical.

Same-day customisation and delivery is also available, and this hamper is currently priced at $148.

3. Diaper Cakes

One of the most important things that any parent is going to need are diapers. And plenty of them too! So Diaper Cakes have come up with one of the most useful baby hampers ever. Basically you get a gift hamper, and they use reusable diapers to recreate a cake. And that’s not where the surprises end. Upon cutting the ‘cake’, there are plenty of gifts inside.

You can pick up what products you want to include inside the cake, which is great if you know exactly what the new-parents need. But if you don’t, then you can always go for one of their pre-determined hampers. They come with the most practical items which most new-parents forget about, but can’t get enough of. And the plushie on top is going to be a hit with the kid.

Certainly, go for this box if you want the best of both worlds in both beauty and use. New-parents are definitely going to love you for this hamper and their kids too!

4. MUMSU Premium Baby Hamper

If you’re on the hunt for something that is equal parts adorable and eco-friendly, then you’re absolutely going to fall in love with this hamper. The MUMSU Premium B&M Pampering Hamper comes with products that are created using eco-friendly ingredients. In fact, even their packaging is minimal which we totally adore.

The products included in this hamper are a 100% Bamboo multi-purpose swaddle cloth, a 6-layered Muslin washcloth, Himalayan bath salts, a silkworm cocoon facial scrub, and plenty of other amazing products. One product that needs a mention has to be their mini bath bomb. It is home-made using the best ingredients like cocoa butter, jojoba oil, buttermilk and kaolin clay. Even the pastel colours are created using freeze-dried fruits and botanicals. This is absolutely safe for kids, and even their mothers will enjoy using them.

The ‘gift-box’ is re-usable as well. It is a woven bag which is a great addition because you can always find uses for a good bag.

5. Hummings’s My First Baby Wear

This baby hamper offering from Hummings is an excellent choice for both the baby and the mother. It comes with 4-piece baby wear which is so soft and comfortable that the baby won’t ever want to remove it. And you won’t be able to stop clicking photos because of how cute they look. There’s even a neck pillow which is going to be extremely useful when the baby gets tired and needs their much-needed rest. After all, many parents can attest to the fact that babies seem to be allergic to kids.

Besides these, there is Golden Swiftlet Bird’s Nest which is infused with ginseng, rock-sugar and white fungus. This is absolutely vital for the mother to regain her energy, and is a very thoughtful gift. The hand-made flowers and soft-toys will also make the family upon receiving this lovely and useful hamper! After all, there’s something for everyone.

And if you don’t like this hamper or would like to explore more options, then you can always visit their site for more such hampers.

6. Lil Bubba Baby Hamper

Lil Bubba has created a baby hamper that is both practical and beautiful and will come in plenty of use for the entire family. They offer three sets so you can choose one which perfectly fits your budget. The basic set comes with a shoulder bag that is fully insulated and zipped so that the baby can happily go on trips, safe and warm. There are also wet-wipes, cotton swaddles, a baby romper and even a pair of socks to complete the entire set. The perfect hamper for a day out with the baby.

The premium sets come with the same shoulder bag, and the other items but comes with an additional all-in-one baby-sleepsuit which will provide a cosy and safe environment. This is absolutely necessary so that the baby can develop a proper sleep-pattern and their parents are going to love you for it as well. The platinum set takes things a step further by providing sleepsuits for specific months, and also increase the number of rompers and other items. Fun for the whole family, we say!

There are even plenty of hampers designed especially for twins which is great because the options for them are sometimes limited.

7. Princess or Prince Baby Hamper

Every little one is a prince or princess, but we can always help them feel more like one by gifting them this hamper. As you might have guessed from the name, this baby hamper comes with a princess/prince theme and looks like royalty as well. It comes endearing soft toy which has the name of the baby embroidered. If you choose the bunny, the name will be on one of the ears. And if you decide to go for the bear, the name will be on the bib. This soft-toy will be a long-time companion for the baby for sure!

Besides this precious plushie, you also get two rompers, baby socks, face towels and mittens. Since this hamper is a customisable one, it will take around 2 to 5 days to ship out, so be sure to place an order accordingly. Customers have raved about the fast, responsive and friendly so we’re sure that you’re going to find yourself becoming a regular.

Transform the little one into the royalty of the Kingdom of Cute with this one!

8. Star Wars Baby Hamper

Are you or the parents a fan of Star Wars? What better way to express your love for this iconic series than to gift the baby with a Star Wars hamper of their very own? Transform them into a StormTrooper or the adorable BB8 romper depending on the variant that you prefer more. There is also a themed face and bath towel. The highlight is definitely the charming bath towel, which you can customise with free name embroidery. There are even the most adorable pair of shoes which proudly show off the fandom.

Besides all of these items, you also get a StormTrooper balloon which ensures many hours of fun for the baby. If you want to take things a step further, then there are also plenty of add-ons to choose from like a themed bib and a hoodie towel. The delivery is extremely fast even though it is a customised hamper, so if you’re looking for something that is customised but fast then this is the perfect hamper for you.

It is also affordable, and the seller makes sure to send photos of the packager before shipping it off.

9. Simply Hamper

Do you want to be spoilt for choice when it comes to the hampers presented to you. After all, a baby hamper is a way of celebrating the arrival of a new baby, and is possibly the first gift that you’d be gifting to the happy family. So it also makes sense that you’d want only the best. The folks over at Simply Hamper understand this perfectly, and have curated a vast collection of baby hampers all for you!

There are plenty of options to choose from, but there’s one thing common to all. All of the products that come in the hamper serve a practical yet unique purpose like stimulating the senses of the baby. There are also hampers that are created keeping in mind the new mothers and come with plenty of tonics and other wellness products. Besides all of these, there are also several baby hampers that are designed especially for twins and even organic ones. The unisex baby hamper is also a unique and great hamper if you don’t believe in the usual gender norms!

The hampers are also priced very reasonably which is great news for your wallet as well. Simply Hamper also offers free island-wide delivery.

10. Noel Gifts for Bedtime Stories

Some of the best memories of any childhood would have to be our parents reading bedtime stories to us. You can help contribute to this experience by sharing a collection of some lovely bedtime storybooks. While this is not the traditional baby hamper, this is actually a great choice because it will help them explore and learn about new things.

There are three different story-books in this hamper, and besides these, you get a musical night light and a teether. The musical night light, coupled with the soft voice of parents reading to them will create some of the most pleasant memories for any choice. In addition, even parents will be thankful for this gift because not only will it lull their baby to sleep, but it is also an excellent way to introduce books into the life of their little one.

11. Kaiby Baby Hamper

If you’re someone who loves to have plenty of choices, then you’ll certainly love the baby hampers from Kaiby. Not only do they offer plenty of hampers to choose from, but each hamper also consists of many adorable things. They are one of the few baby hampers in Singapore that is toy-based. And you know that babies love their toys, so you can’t go wrong with this hamper at all.

For example, the hamper pictured above comes with a comfy polar bear mat where the child can rest and play with their new toys. There’s an adorable mini bear, a mirror that is safe for babies, a crinkle activity cloth and even a cute rabbit rattle. The little one will look adorable while having plenty of fun.

And their delivery is also super-fast. The order is processed within only one working day, and shipping takes one to three days. Personalise your message with their gift card which is included, and don’t worry about the invoice. There is no printed invoice present so no awkward moments. The price of the hamper ranges from the sets that you choose.

That brings us to the end to the list of this list of the best baby hampers. We’ve included baby hampers of all sorts but it is important to check and try and find out what the parents might need. You should also choose the hamper that best fits your budget. The baby and parents are sure to love anything that you gift them! Happy Shopping!

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