Asset management refers to an investment solution where companies that provide asset management services take custody of your money. Asset management companies usually have a lot of money from different clients and individuals. It’s the company that decides the money that will be invested in specific funds.

These establishments usually have advisors who recommend available opportunities to capitalize on in terms of products, region, and companies. Asset financing and personal finance tips are ideal if you intend to diversify your portfolio and minimize high risks. Many clients who opt for Asset management services include pension funds, banks, and insurance companies. Individuals can also seek Asset management services if they need better financial management.

Asset management companies help safeguard your money from unforeseen financial eventualities. With many firms offering the service in the market, you may be confused about the best choice of company. Here is a list of the best 10 Asset Management companies in Singapore.

1. UBS

Image credit: UBS Singapore

UBS is a leading international company offering a variety of asset management solutions in Singapore. The company is headquartered in Switzerland and offers a variety of financial solutions. With a good reputation for bank-client secrecy, the bank is your preferred partner in investment.

UBS offers world-class asset management with a diverse global heritage by delivering innovative solutions to meet your needs. It has a variety of clients, including endowments, financial institutions, and pension funds. With good reviews from customers, UBS will definitely meet your asset financing needs.


  • It offers a variety of banking solutions to its clients.
  • The company provides confidentiality.
  • It offers innovative solutions to your asset financing. 
AddressOne Raffles Quay #50-01, North Tower, Singapore 048583
Contact Details+65 6495 8000
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 5.00PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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2. Aberdeen Standard Life

Image credit: Kino Design

The Aberdeen Standard Life company is among the leading asset management companies in Singapore. It’s a multinational company with headquarters in Singapore. With a good reputation in Singapore, the company is highly recommended for your money investment. At Aberdeen Standard Life, experts will come in handy in helping you attain your financial goals

They have a large clientele both locally and internationally. Having a variety of asset financing solutions, the company should be your best investment choice. With a total of 4.1 Google reviews, the company assures you of sound financial management.


  • The company has a good repute.
  • It offers a variety of asset financing solutions.
  • It offers innovative investment solutions to its customers.
Address21 Church Street, #01-01 Capital Square Two, Singapore 049480
Contact Details+65 6395 2700
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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3. State Street Global Advisors

State Street Global Advisors is a top asset management company in Singapore. The company is a branch of the state street corporation and is ranked fifth in scope globally. These specialists will offer you sound services by creating different investment strategies. It serves a large clientele, which includes businesses, corporations, and associations.

With a good reputation and reliability in its services, the company will certainly provide you with reliable investment for your money. You get to enjoy a variety of methods to diversify your investment portfolio. 


  • It offers reliable financial services.
  • The company provides a variety of investment strategies.
  • The firm has a large client base.
  • They offer insights into investment conditions in Singapore.
Address168 Robinson Rd, Capital Tower, Singapore 068912
Contact Details+65 6826 7500
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 5.30PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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4. Lion Global Investors

Lion Global is one of the biggest asset management companies working in Singapore. Founded in 2005, the company has a large asset of over $30 billion under its administration. This establishment is a branch of the Chinese Banking Corporation Limited and is an old bank in Singapore. 

They are usually appealing to most local clients since they offer specialized services that locals need. With deep insight into Asian investment markets, the company offers you sound and reliable investment solutions. Lion Global has good reviews from customers, which assures investors of quality investment services.


  • It has more than $30 billion in assets on its administration.
  • It provides specialized services to its clients.
  • The company offers innovative investment solutions.
Address65 Chulia St, OCBC Centre, Singapore 049513
Contact Details+65 64176 800
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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5. DBS Bank

Image credit: DBS

DBS Bank, the Development Bank of Singapore, is a well-established brand in asset management that offers exemplary services in the wealth division. The bank tailor-makes solutions that fit your investment needs. At DBS, private clients are given different solutions for their investments and have also been ranked highly in terms of safety. In 2016, the bank was ranked 5th in asset management in Asian banks.

Like any leading brand in banking, it aims at continually enhancing its services. The company has invested in wealth management services by providing an iwealth platform where clients can access a wide range of information anywhere or trade.


  • The bank has a more advanced wealth portal where clients can access a variety of services.
  • It offers excellent wealth management services.
  • The bank is one of the safest banks in Asia.
AddressBlk 712A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 #01-4066 Singapore 560712
Contact Details(+65) 6327 2265
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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6. UOB Asset Management

Image credit: UOB

UOB Asset Management is based in Singapore and offers a variety of asset financing solutions. Established in 1985, the renowned United Overseas Bank Limited owns the company, and it’s an established bank in Singapore.

The company manages up to $20 billion in terms of assets. Like Lion Global investments, the firm ranks high among other management establishments. The bank appeals to most locals since it focuses on service delivery to clients, contributing to rapid growth.

UOB Asset Management is tiered highly among private banks in South East Asia. If you need excellent wealth management services, then UOB is your perfect bank.


  • It offers the best wealth management services.
  • The company is highly credible.
  • The company focuses on the delivery of services to customers hence more credible.
Address80 Raffles Place #03-00, 2 UOB Plaza, Singapore 048624
Contact Details+66 6532 7988
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 5.30PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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7. Vanguard Group

Image credit: Vanguard

Established in 1975, Vanguard Group is a leading brand in investment advisory worldwide. The company offers experienced counsel in asset financing services available in Singapore. Vanguard has grown its reputation as a trusted and reliable company for your asset management. 

It’s headquartered in the united states and provides one of the best mutual funds’ investments. It offers other services, which include fixed annuities, variable annuities, and brokerage services. 


  • Offers a variety of asset financing services.
  • It is experienced in providing asset financing counsel.
  • The company is reliable in asset management.
AddressCommerce Point 3 Philip Street #07-01 Singapore 048693
Contact Details+65 6311 9845
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 5.30PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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8. Black Rock Investment Management

Image credit: BlackRock

Based in New York, Blackrock investment management provides the best asset financing solution in Singapore. The firm is among the biggest asset management company worldwide. With an estimated asset of $5.1 trillion, this company is very solid and reliable. 

Though it was initially formed to offer risk management in assets, it has gradually offered asset management globally. The companies’ size has made it the most recommendable asset management firm in Singapore.


  • It offers experience and expertise in asset financing.
  • The firm is reliable.
  • The company has over $5.1 trillion in assets under its management.
Address8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore 018960
Contact Details+65 6411 3000
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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9. Bordier & Cie

Image credit: Bordier

Bordier and Cie were established in 1844. Headquartered in Singapore, the company has numerous business activities locally. It is a reputable and reliable brand in any of your asset management, focusing on managing wealth and banking services. It’s recognized for its outstanding efforts in the management of personal finances.

With an established base in Singapore, Bordier & Cie is your perfect choice for asset financing services. Having close to 170 years’ expertise and vast banking experience, this establishment will certainly offer you quality financial service.


  • The firm offers expertise and experience in asset financing.
  • It has a strong base in the Singapore market.
  • It offers quality management in individual finances.
AddressCapital Green #14-00 138 Market Street Singapore 048946
Contact Details+65 6239 9999
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 6.00PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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10. Fidelity Investments

Image credit: Fidelity Investment

Fidelity investments are among the prominent asset management firms in Singapore. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It offers various asset financing solutions, including brokerage, management of mutual funds, retirement services, and provision of investment services.

Fidelity investment is a large company globally and is dependable in offering asset management services to its clientele.


  • The company is steadfast in asset financing services.
  • It offers a wide variety of asset financing solutions.
  • It provides investment advice to its clients.
Address8 Marina View #35-06 Asia Square Tower 1 Singapore (018960)
Contact Details+65 6511 2200
Working HoursMon – Fri, 9.00AM – 5.30PM | Sat & Sun, Closed
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That is our list of the 10 best asset financing firms in Singapore. Your investment depends on plans and the prospects that you get from the firm. With many asset management companies in Singapore, you need to research before you make investment decisions. You need to know the company well before doing any kind of business with them.

The above companies are helpful to individual investors and corporations that need to have a secure future. Picking a reputable company with experience in managing wealth helps you have a solid financial base.