It can be rather depressing to see your poor scores despite numerous days of studying your butt off. Many might feel that “I can manage this. With more practices and hard work thrown in, things will eventually work out.”. But most of the time, a possible issue might have been you applying the wrong concepts all along without even knowing it. Which is why, we have found a particular tuition centre which might be of help to you. Here we introduce you All A’s Tuition Centre!

About All A’s Tuition Centre

Inspired by the belief that everyone has the ability to fulfil their dreams, All A’s tuition centre see themselves as enablers to help students achieve their fullest potential by imparting the effective easy-to-understand learning techniques. Besides, the tutors and trainers here are all holders of Master’s and PhD degrees.

Moreover, they specialise in nurturing students in the areas of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics and helping them prepare to pursue degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedicine, Veterinary, and Pharmacy at top universities, especially in the UK. Likewise, they have students ranging from Primary, Secondary, Junior College to students taking Integrated Programme.

Guaranteed Money Back in Black and White if No ‘A’ is achieved.

In addition, All A’s want to ensure parents’ satisfaction and demonstrate their confidence in their programmes with their money-back guarantee. Therefore, if your children did not get an A grade in the subject tutored by them, All A’s will offer a partial refund, however Terms & Conditions apply.

All A’s Founder, Ms Sultana

Founded by Ms Sultana, she is a professional lady author (M.Sc in Chemistry) with more than 25 years of experience and had published Chemistry Enrichment Books. Also, a certified education trainer across regions, Ms Sultana definitely holds much experience in teaching students with various needs.

See What They Have To Say About All A’s

Furthermore, All A’s are filled with many testimonials where their students made fast progress and grades improvement.

The ones that had caught my attention were testimonials from students and parents who had mentioned about how fast and remarkable their grade improvement were, “in just a few months” and had “scored an A within 3 months”. Most importantly, these students and parents are also able to testify for Ms Sultana’s teaching attitude; patient and great guidance. Thus, parents can feel safe leaving your children at the hands of Ms Sultana and her team.

So, if you are looking for Maths Tuition, Chemistry Tuition or Physics tuition, All A’s is definitely the right one for you!

AddressCity Square Mall (near Farrer Park MRT, opposite Mustafa Centre)
180 Kitchener Road #09-10, Singapore 208539

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Contact Information+65 8345 1373
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To Conclude

One says the capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill, and the willingness to learn is a choice. It is never too late to learn something new and to receive some tuition guidance when you need one.

All A’s certainly is the right place to look for if your child is struggling with areas such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics.

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