Over the past decade, the Acai berry has been a hot topic, according to Google Trends. Pronounced “Ah-SAI-EE”, this particular berry gained popularity back in 2010 in many countries worldwide due to its association with topics like healthy “diet and nutrition”, “weight loss” and “cleanse”. 

Whilst individuals here and there are searching for the next convenient and tasty weight loss fad, acai berry has a long history since they are native to Brazil. Peru, Trinidad and others in the Amazonian region. In fact, these tiny berries actually grow on palm trees in floodplain areas and are quite difficult to harvest due to their perishable nature and if not frozen, they begin to ferment within 48 hours. 

Thus, this would explain why acai berries are generally quite expensive in Singapore especially since they have to be imported from quite a distance.

Information about Acai berries:

  • They aren’t really ‘berries’, they’re actually drupes (like peaches, plums and cherries)
  • Packed with antioxidants that can potentially reduce the risk of cancer
  • Known to reduce the bad “LDL” cholesterol
  • Proven to protect the brain from a build up of beta-amyloid which is known to cause Alzheimer’s disease
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Acai berries taste a mostly tart with a hint of sweetness. Therefore, it makes sense for the berry to form a base to many fruit bowls as different toppings like fruits and granola goes perfect with it. If you’re planning to have a taste of acai here in Singapore, In this list, we recommend the best Acai deliveries in Singapore.

1. The Acai Lab

Image Credit: The Acai Lab Official Website (here)

At the Acai Lab, you get a one of a kind Acai experience that you can’t easily attain on our little island. Above all, this store doesn’t use the typical Acai base, they have their own signature Purpleblend™ that mixes Acai with other nutrient packed ingredients like other superberries (like elderberries and figs) in addition to vegan milk and banana. As such, this gives a creamier base rather than pure berry puree that you would usually get at other places. At this store, you get to choose out of four different themes of acai bowls such as their signature, berry berries, tropical and fruity. So, if you’re looking for the best place for Acai bowls, this is the one for you. 

Beginning at $9.90, check them out here.

2. The Oatberry Café

Source: The Oatberry Café

Oatberry Café is the fruit of Oatberry founders’ passion for creating healthy treats that appeal to both young and old. Nestled in a cozy corner under a block of flats in leafy Telok Blangah, Oatberry Cafe is modeled after what a comfortable, stylish, yet unpretentious living room would feel like. A place where people can “Start The Day Right” with well-balanced menu offerings, put a smile on someone’s face when surprising them with açaí bowl deliveries, or escape the heat with refreshing smoothies over a chat with friends.

Oatberry Cafe’s açaí bowls are made with organic fair-trade açaí, so they not only taste good, but they also do good! They are topped with luxurious roasted macadamia butter and all-natural freshly baked granola, all made in-house.

Order here to try their Acai bowls today!

3. Haakon has all types of bowls

Image Credit: Haakon (here)

Acai lovers in Singapore would definitely know this restaurant as they offer one of the more affordable options of Acai in Singapore and Acai is expensive (if you know how it’s made, you know it’s rightfully so). For how much nutrients, antioxidants and benefits packed in this superfood, some might even feel the exorbitant cost for one meal might be worth it. However, for those looking for decently priced options and amazing Keto-salads such as their salmon and tuna salads, Haakon is the perfect place for you and of course, they do delivery. Experience the Hygge (Danish: easy, comforting, content) lifestyle at Haakon.

Order at Haakon online here.

4. Absolute Acai – most budget-friendly

Acai Bowl Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Absolute Acai Reviewer (here)

Absolute Acai offers an absolutely delectable acai bowl. With Absolute Acai, you can choose out of their preset bowls or if you’re a picky eater, you have the choice of customising your bowls — beginning with its size and then what dry, nut, fruit, superfood or drizzle toppings you ever so desire.

Want just a small taste? Absolute Acai is the best place for you to try. Check out their menu here. You can order via Deliveroo and FoodPanda or you may contact them at +65 91417925 (min. purchase amt at $25) for deliveries outside the area. 

5. Randy Indulgence X Acai Beach Club

Acai Bowl Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Great New Places (here)

At Randy Indulgence, you can get Ready-to-eat Acai by the pint for acai meals for the week (or two days if you really love acai). My personal favourite is their Signature SHIOK Acai bowls for a familiar Singaporean spin on this healthy dish.

Peruse through what they have to offer here.

6. Shake Farm HQ

Acai Bowl Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Shake Farm Official Instagram (here)

With Shake Farm, not only do you get to customise your acai bowl (AMAZEbowl), their restaurant is so beautiful. Make sure to check them out post-COVID-19 but if you still want to try their food, fret not! They do deliveries! Match your acai bowl with one of their nutritious shakes or their immunity boosters.

Order Shake Farm on Deliveroo here!

7. Halal-owned business – Limaa

Acai Bowl Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Limaa Official Instagram Page (here)

While acai is technically halal since it doesn’t contain alcohol nor any meat products, for some of our Muslim-friends who want to buy more than just the acai, they can comfortably do so at Limaa!

Check out their wide menu range here.

Make your own Acai Bowls at home with GrateFood Co

Acai Bowl Delivery Singapore
Image Credit: Gratefood (here)

For those who intend to have acai as a consistent part of their diet, making your own acai bowls might be a more sustainable option than ordering acai bowls every day. If it’s a bit too much, why not share your acai bowls with your family or friends? Make your own bowls with your favourite toppings at your own terms and have them at any time of the day.

Shop here to discover Gratefood’s Acai Pulp here.

May you have a great Acai day!

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