In my opinion, waffles are one of the most versatile foods ever. They’re suitable for every meal of the day, from chicken waffles to simple waffles with chocolate sauce that we’ll get at our neighbourhood bakery.

If you’re as much of a waffle fan as I am, investing in a waffle maker will be both a cost-effective and convenient way for you to make waffles regularly. With that said, here are the 10 best waffle makers that you’ll be able to find in Singapore – some with multiple functions too!

1. 5-in-1 Electric Waffle Maker

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  • Non-stick 
  • Easy to store
  • 5 trays

If you’re the kind who loves having friends over, this 5-in-1 Electric Waffle Maker will be the perfect appliance to entertain guests while serving up some good snacks. It comes with five different trays – the sandwich, waffle, octopus, doughnut, and eggette set. You’ll get to make five different types of snacks with just this one appliance – talk about making your money worth it.

All its plates are also non-stick, which helps your snacks slide out easily after they’re cooked. You won’t have to waste time digging out bits and pieces of batter stuck to the metal plate! It’s also slim which takes up little space when it’s stored vertically, leaving more space on your counter for other things.

Functionality aside, this waffle also comes with an in-built analog timer that gives off a retro vibe. You can take your pick from three colours – red, pastel green, and pastel pink – all of which will be sure to stand out while sitting on your counter.

Price: $49

Get the 5-in-1 Electric Waffle Maker here

2. Russel Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker

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  • 4 easy cut sections
  • Compact
  • Non-stick

Those looking for a no-frills waffle maker to get the job done can look to the Russel Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker. It comes in white, with non-removable pans that will get you those golden, crunchy waffles.

To use this, all you’ll need to do is plug your machine in and wait for it to heat up. Once it’s ready, the LED light on the maker will light up and you’ll be able to put your batter in. Its non-stick pan allows access to your waffle easily and doesn’t leave any residue on the appliance either.

This appliance is also compact in size, allowing you to easily store it on top of other appliances in your kitchen or on your countertop alone. With an appliance that is so easy to use and store, it’s no wonder that this waffle maker has had many positive reviews.

Price: $24.99

Get the Russel Taylors Belgian Waffle Maker here

3. Mini Waffle Maker

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  • Cook in under 2 minutes
  • Recipe book provided

Back me up on this one – you’ll start to have a sudden interest in home appliances when you’re living independently. That was me for sure when I lived in a dormitory on campus. For all those living alone, this Mini Waffle Maker will probably be one of those kitchen appliances that you’ll take interest in.

This waffle maker definitely lives up to its name, at only 16.5cm in length. It comes with an LED light that will blink when it’s ready for your batter and takes less than 2 minutes to cook. With such a short cooking time, this waffle maker will be perfect for making a quick snack when you’re feeling hungry.

Not only will this waffle maker be great for those living in dorms, but also good for kids-sized meals too. If this is you, do make sure to grab yourself one of these nifty little machines.

Price: $18.34

Get the Mini Waffle Maker here

4. PowerPac Waffle Maker 

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  • Heat resistant outer layer
  • Sidelock
  • 1-year warranty

When you’re living in a family of more than three, you’ll want kitchen appliances that can get more done within a shorter amount of time. With the PowerPac Waffle Maker, you’ll be able to do just that. Unlike other appliances where you can only make your waffles one by one, you’ll be able to make two at a time with this waffle maker.

Those who’ve got young ones at home will be pleased to know that this appliance comes with a heat-resistant outer layer and a side lock. This ensures that your curious kids won’t get burned even if they touch this waffle maker while it’s cooking.

So for those part of bigger families with young kids, this waffle maker will be a good choice for you.

Price: $19.90

Get the PowerPac Waffle Maker here

5. Fumiyama 3-in-1 Snack Maker 

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  • 3 cooking plates
  • Locking mechanism

This list is not short of any multi-use waffle makers – but this Fumiyama 3-in-1 Snack Maker might just be one of the best ones. While it only comes with three cooking plates, the flat plate allows you to make a variety of food including egg rolls, pancakes, and more. You can even have a grilling session on this flat plate!

This waffle maker also comes with a locking mechanism to keep your batter in and help it to cook well. It also serves as a safety lock to prevent any unnecessary accidents in the kitchen.

With so many cooking possibilities with this plate, be sure to whip it out the next time your friends are over for some quick and easy grilled food, or some classic waffles. No matter what, it’ll be the highlight of your party for sure.

Price: $49.90

Get the Fumiyama 3-in-1 Snack Maker here

6. Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker WAF-V100KR

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  • Optimised waffle size
  • Comes with measuring cup
  • Cool touch lock

Cuisinart is one of the more popular brands when it comes to kitchen appliances due to the stellar quality of the machines. The Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker is no exception, and those looking for a good waffle maker should definitely consider investing in this one

The first thing that you’ll notice about this waffle maker is that it’s vertical – which means less surface area needed to store this appliance. For safety purposes, it also comes with a cool-touch lock so that you don’t burn yourself while using this appliance.

Your purchase will also come with a measuring cup to ensure that every waffle that comes out of this machine is consistent. They’ve even got an optimised waffle size, which is a testament to their consistency. With so many perks, you can see why this waffle maker popular on the market. 

Price: $93.32

Get the Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker WAF-V100KR here

7. Household Kitchen Gas Non-Stick Waffle Maker

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  • Insulated handle
  • Suitable for gas stoves

With so many different types of kitchen appliances on the market, some of us may just not have space for a waffle maker in our kitchen. If this is you, the Household Kitchen Gas Non-Stick Waffle Maker may just be what you need.

Unlike most waffle makers that need to be plugged into an electrical source, this aluminum alloy waffle maker comes with an insulated handle that allows you to cook your waffle mix over a gas stove. Its handy size allows you to simply hang it up together with your other pans and pots when you’re done, or simply store it in a cabinet.

One of the benefits of this waffle maker is that you can wash it under running water to get rid of residue without having to worry about electricity issues. This waffle maker is definitely useful, but do take note that it can’t be used over induction cookers, only gas stoves.

Price: $14

Get the Household Kitchen Gas Non-Stick Waffle Maker here

8. Vitantonio Waffle Maker

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  • Includes panini plate
  • One year warranty 
  • Free cookbook

Anything that’s popular in Japan or from them automatically checks the box when it comes to quality. With that said, the Vitantonio Waffle Maker is one of the most popular waffle makers in Japan, so you know right off the bat that this is a quality machine.

It comes in a light shade of pink, with interchangeable plates that allow you to make a variety of snacks. Your purchase comes with a waffle and panini plate, but you can also purchase other cooking plates to make other items such as cupcakes and madeleines.

You’ll also get a free cookbook that’ll give you some recommendations on what to cook, as well as a 1-year warranty so that you can exchange your product for a new one if it does malfunction. Also, it comes with a Singapore plug so you won’t have to get an extra adaptor for this waffle maker.

Price: $217.56

Get the Vitantonio Waffle Maker here

9. Electric Sandwich Waffle Maker

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  • 3 cooking trays
  • Non-stick 
  • Non-slip

Even when it comes to kitchen appliances, our eyes immediately get drawn to more aesthetic-looking products. This Electric Sandwich Waffle Maker is not only sleek but comes with three cooking trays that make it a multi-use machine.

With your purchase, you’ll get a waffle, sandwich, and eggette tray for all your snacks. This waffle maker comes in two colours – white and dark green, for you to choose from. Also, this appliance is non-slip, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping off your countertop while you’re using it.

Lastly, its pans are also non-stick, which adds to a more pleasant experience while using this appliance. Many people enjoy using this waffle maker as it’s simple to use and does not require preheating as many other waffle makers do.

Price: $59.73

Get the Electric Sandwich Waffle Maker here

10. Fumiyama Waffle Maker FWM 555

Image credit: Shopee


  • Heart-shaped waffles
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Light indicators

To make Valentine’s day this year a little sweeter, be sure to grab yourself a Fumiyama Waffle Maker FWM 555. Unlike your regular waffle maker, this appliance creates heart-shaped waffles so that you can impress your significant other with some homemade waffles come February 14th.

Other than its shape, this maker also comes with light indicators to tell you when it’s hot enough for you to pour in your batter. Also, it comes with adjustable temperature so that you’ve got more control over how you cook your waffles.

Even without Valentine’s day, you can still use this maker to make waffles all year round, whenever you’re feeling like it. For some delectable waffles, be sure to get this waffle maker.

Price: $29.90

Get the Fumiyama Waffle Maker FWM 555 here

No matter if you’re looking to serve up some waffles and ice cream or just enjoy snacking on waffles, you’ll definitely find a waffle maker for you on this list. It may take a while to get the hang of making the perfect waffle, but we’ve got no doubt that you’ll get there soon enough.

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